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How To Craft Straw & Fluffy Pal Beds in Palworld

We explain how you can craft Straw Pal Beds in Palworld so your base helpers can get some much-needed rest.
How To Craft Straw & Fluffy Pal Beds in Palworld

Want to give your worker Pals a place to sleep in Palworld? Then we've got you covered with a complete guide on how to craft Straw Pal Beds so you don't make the same mistake I did.

We'll explain how you can unlock Straw Pal Beds and Fluffy Pal Beds in Palworld and the resources required to craft them, alongside some caveats Pal Tamers shouldn't definitely know about while developing their first base of operations.

Palworld Straw Pal Bed: How To Craft & Requirements

Palworld straw fluffy pal beds how to craft recipe unlock requirements not sleeping stressed tiredness worker base pals
If you don't craft beds for your Pals, they will get stressed, and it will affect their work! (Picture: Pocketpair / Wessel)

I built a bed after constructing my first shoddy little base in Palworld. Shortly afterward, I was notified that my worker Pals without beds would get stressed, as you can see in the image above. So I crafted three more beds and plopped them down, but the Pals didn't go to sleep. 

That was my mistake, and you probably shouldn't feel bad if you are making the same mistake I did. Pals have their own unique beds in Palworld. That's where crafting the Straw Pal Bed comes into play. Follow the steps below to craft some beds for your Pals so they can get a good night's rest.

  • Craft a workbench.
  • Create your first house/structure.
  • Reach Level 3.
  • In your Technology tree, unlock the Straw Pal Bed recipe by spending two Tech Points.
  • Go and chop down a tree to get enough resources.
  • Craft a Straw Pal Bed via the build menu using x10 Wood and x5 Fibre.

Straw Pal Beds are not the only place your Pals can sleep...later on, you'll be able to craft a more comfortable variant called Fluffy Pal Beds.

Palworld Fluffy Pal Bed Requirements & Resources

You must reach level 24 and then unlock the Fluffy Pal Bed crafting recipe by spending two (2) Technology Points. From here, you can craft a Fluffy Pal Bed by spending the following resources:

  • x10 Cloth
  • x30 Wood
  • x5 Nail
  • x10 Fiber

Note: Crafting two (2) Fluffy Pal Beds is a mission requirement to upgrade your base from Level 12 to 13, so they are a must to progress further.

You should always have enough beds for the number of worker Pals in your base. As you level up your Palbox and base, more worker Pal slots become available, so always keep your eyes peeled for an increase in needs.

Why Are Pals Not Sleeping in Palworld?

Palworld straw fluffy pal beds how to craft recipe unlock requirements not sleeping stressed tiredness worker base pals
My worker Pals, finally asleep in their very own Straw Beds! My bed is just next to theirs, just by the way...(Picture: Pocketpair / Wessel)

If you didn't make the mistake I did and have enough Pal Straw Beds, you might want to take the Pal that is not sleeping out of the worker Pal slots and put it back in again. Pals get stuck quite often (hopefully, this will be fixed in a future Palworld update), which prevents them from heading to their Straw Bed.

Don't know what Palworld is? Then check out the fantastic Early Access launch trailer below, and join us on Palpagos Island as soon as possible. It's the most fun we've had with a survival/crafting game in a very long time!

That's everything you need to know about crafting beds for your Pals so they can sleep and get some rest in Palworld. Remember, the Pals allocated to your base work hard...unless they are Cativa's, who have bottomless stomachs and are quite lazy...

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