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Palworld Release Time: Countdown To Launch

Join us as we count down the days, hours, minutes, and seconds until the release of Palworld!
Palworld Release Time: Countdown To Launch

Developer Pocketpair has me on the edge of my seat, counting down until the release time of Palworld on PC (via Steam) and Xbox Series X/S consoles. Why am I so excited? This is an open-world survival game that can probably be best described as Pokemon with guns, with a hint of Palia thrown into the mix for good measure.

If that sounds amazing to you, then join us as we count down to the launch time of Palworld's Early Access release!

Update on 19 January 2024: We've updated this article with the precise time Palworld releases on Steam and Xbox.

Palworld Launch Time & Date Countdown

Palworld release time date launch steam early access xbox game pass preview series x/s countdown
Looks cozy, doesn't it? Don't worry, there are guns as well! (Pocketpair)

It's not long now before you can farm, build, fight and work alongside creatures called "Pals" that you will collect throughout your adventures in this brand-new multiplayer survival and crafting title.

The official Palworld release date for Early Access (or Xbox Game Preview) is January 19, 2024, at midnight (00:00) PST for those in the US. This is a global release, so everyone should be able to start playing Palworld at the same time. For those in the UK, that's 09:00 CET.

Below, you can find a countdown clock so you don't miss out on Palworld's launch.

Countdown To Launch Time of Palworld

In case you've been stuck under a rock and had no Pals to help you out and missed it, check out the official Palworld Early Access release date reveal trailer below.

So there you have it, the precise countdown to the launch of Palworld's release time and date. If anything changes or any delays occur, we will endeavor to update this article with haste.