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Is Palworld Shutting Down?

Curious to know whether or not Palworld is shutting down? We have the answers you need!
Is Palworld Shutting Down?

While Palworld has exploded onto the scene and received mountains of praise from the community at large, it is safe to say that the game has been involved in a lot of controversy since its release. The main reason for this controversy is the similarity between Palworld and its most obvious inspiration, Pokémon. 

Because of Nintendo's ruthlessness when it comes to anything to do with copyright infringement, many players have speculated that Palworld will be forced to shut down sometime in the near future. 

If you are curious to know about what the future holds for Palworld, we have the answers you need!

Is Palworld Shutting Down?

Palworld has been involved in lots of controversy lately. (Picture: PocketPair)

At the time of writing this, Palworld does not have any plans to shut down. On January 24, 2024, The Pokémon Company released a statement explaining that they would be opening an investigation for "another company's game." This is almost certainly to do with Palworld, and The Pokémon Company will begin their thorough investigation into PocketPair in order to check for stolen assets.

PocketPair has responded by confirming that they took several legal measures before launching the game to early access. 

For now, players will have to wait and see what evidence The Pokémon Company can dig up in regard to assets being stolen. If nothing is found, Palworld should be able to release as planned. However, if things escalate into a legal battle, it will be difficult for a smaller company like PocketPair to compete with Nintendo.