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Palworld Skill Fruit Trees: Locations & How To Use

We outline the locations of all 18 Skill Fruit Trees in Palworld, and discuss how you can use Skill Fruit to enhance your favorite Pals.
Palworld Skill Fruit Trees: Locations & How To Use

You can increase your Pal powers by leveling them up in Palworld. While this is the main way to raise your Pals, it definitely isn't the only way, as Palworld players can find Skill Fruit Trees to harvest!

Join us as we pinpoint the location of each known Skill Fruit Tree in Palworld, explain how long it takes for new Skill Fruit to appear on these rare trees, and how you can use them to great effect to power up your favorite Pals.

All Skill Fruit Tree Locations in Palworld

Palworld skill fruit trees locations respawn how to use farm get map pal skills uses
Pick up some valuable Skill Fruit to enhance your favorite Pals with new abilities! (Picture: Pocketpair)

You'll have to search a bit and travel quite far to get to most Skill Fruit Tree locations in Palworld, as they are definitely not close to most Fast Travel points (Great Eagle Statues)

First up, if you've chosen the standard spawn point, you will find four (4) Skill Fruit Trees relatively early on (6 to 8 hours), as they are located inside the first big area. There are a total of 18 Skill Fruit trees spread across Palpagos Island, making them one of the rarest world objects to find and interact with. 

Thanks to the fantastic MapGenie resource, we've got the location of all Palworld Skill Fruit Trees to share below.

Palworld skill fruit trees locations respawn how to use farm get map pal skills uses
The locations of all Skill Fruit Trees in Palworld. (Picture: MapGenie)

Now that you know how to find all the Skill Fruit Trees on Palpagos Island, let's dive into a couple of FAQs about Skill Fruit in Palworld.

Do Skill Fruit Trees Respawn?

Once you've picked up three Skill Fruit from this rare tree in Palworld, you might leave it alone and never come back, like we did when we first spotted one. That, however, is not a good idea, as Skill Fruit Trees do respawn, replenishing their stock. However, you won't find the same Skill Fruit in the same trees, as this is random. The precise time before a respawn is currently unknown. We recommend checking every three (3) in-game days. 

How To Use Skill Fruit in Palworld

Palworld skill fruit trees locations respawn how to use farm get map pal skills uses
Anubis learns a new Destruction Beam active skill by consuming a Skill Fruit. (Picture: Pocketpair)

Once you've acquired some Skill Fruit in Palworld, you can feed it to your favorite Pal by selecting the Skill Fruit via your inventory, then selecting "use" and picking the Pal you want to permanently add the corresponding skill to.

In the example above, the player adds the Destruction Beam skill to their Anubis Pal. Don't worry. Skills from the Skill Fruit do not replace your Pal's current skills. Instead, it adds a menu where you can select the skills you wish your Pal to use.

Check out the awesome tutorial video from developer Pocketpair below, showcasing how you can raise the strongest Pals in Palworld, including a look at Skill Fruit Trees!

With our guide, you should have no issues finding the Skill Fruit Tree locations in Palworld. Remember to check back and farm them again, adding powerful abilities to your Pals in the process!

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