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How To Beat Fortune And Strength Bosses In Persona 3 Reload

Here's an in-depth guide on how to easily beat Fortune And Strength in Persona 3 Reload
How To Beat Fortune And Strength Bosses In Persona 3 Reload
Atlus / Shreyansh

The Fortune and Strength Shadows are two of the main bosses in Persona 3 Reload, who you face during the full moon on 10/4. It's one of the most challenging and tricky encounters in the game, where having the right team composition and using appropriate skills is incredibly important to survive.

We've put together a guide on how to easily beat the Fortune and Strength Shadows in Persona 3 Reload, alongside our take on the best party members, as well as strategies to overcome this tenacious encounter. 

Fortune and Strength Shadow Boss Guide In Persona 3 Reload

Before we get into the nitty gritty of this guide, we first want you to check our recommended team composition for this boss battle. 

Best Team Composition For Fortune And Strength Shadow Boss


 We recommend going with:

  • Akihiko
  • Mitsuru 
  • Yukari
  • Protagonist (default)

Akihiko is a great choice for this encounter because of his evasion and electric skills. The Fortune Shadow is weak to electric and strike damage, so you can use Akihiko and the Protagonist to finish it off quickly.

Both Akihiko and Mitsuru can also lower the enemy's attack, so if one of them gets downed or charmed, you will always have an additional member to weaken the enemy's defense.

We recommend having Mitsuru in your party for dealing devastating single-target ice attacks, inflicting freeze, and also for her Theurgy skill, which is easy to refill. Mitsuru also has Dia for emergency healing in case Yukari gets downed or charmed. 

Yukari will be the most useful member in this encounter, as she can use both healing skill and debuff skills. The Strength shadow will seldom inflict Charm on all party members to make this encounter unnecessarily difficult, and having Yukari in your party can prevent that to some extent. Additionally, using support skills will fill up her Theurgy, which she can use to inflict devastating wind damage on the bosses. 

Best Way To Beat Fortune And Strength Shadow Boss 

The Strength Shadow is immune to all kinds of melee attacks. (Picture: Atlus / Shreyansh)

We recommend having all party members between level 45-50. If not, the battle will be incredibly challenging, with high chances of getting the entire party wiped out in more than one instance. 

While there are two bosses to fight, thankfully, you will only face one at a time. Until you beat the Strength, the Fortune won't be available to target. However, after every two turns during the entirety of the battle, the Fortune will bring out the Wheel of Fortune, which it will use to buff or debuff both you and your enemy's attacks or deal crippling damage that could wipe out your entire party. If the needle stops at the red labels, it will debuff or deal damage to you and the enemy. Likewise, if the needle stops at the blue labels, it will buff up your and the enemy's attacks.  

The Wheel of Fortune can buff or debuff your and enemy's attacks. (Picture: Atlus / Shreyansh)

We recommend keeping an eye out for everyone's health and making sure it's above 300 at all times, as there's one red label in the Wheel of Fortune that deals 300 damage to each party member and can wipe out your entire party when you least expect it. 

The Strength Shadow is immune to all kinds of melee attacks, so avoid using those. You can begin by lowering the enemy's defense using Mitsuru's Rakunda skill. Next, you may want to use Akihiko's Tarunda skill to lower the enemy's attack. You can use Yukari to deal wind damage and the protagonist to deal any elemental damage except Light. Make sure to use Fuuka's Theurgy skill as soon as it's available to increase the party's attack, defense, and evasion. Follow this pattern to slowly but steadily chip away Strength's health while avoiding the Wheel of Fortune. 

Once Strength is down, you can start targeting the Fortune Shadow. As mentioned before, it's weak to strike and electric damage types. Akihiko can inflict both, so you should make good use of that. We first recommend applying all the buffs and debuffs that you used during the Strength battle and then shifting attacks between Akihiko and the protagonist to deal weakness damage. 

The Fortune Shadow is weak to electric and strike damage. (Picture: Atlus / Shreyansh)

The Fortune Shadow will use the Wheel of Fortune more frequently during its phase of the battle, so keep an eye on that. If you have a Persona like Mot that could inflict Fear on the enemy, do that, since one of the labels in Wheel of Fortune suggests an insta-kill attack to all characters inflicted with Fear. Either way, the Fortune Shadow should come down soon enough. 

And that's it! Finishing this encounter will kick off some pretty gruesome events in Persona 3 Reload, which we don't want to spoil for you.