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New Persona 3 Trailer Drops As Series Celebrates Shipping Over 22M Copies

Everything in Persona that glitters is golden as Atlus celebrates 22 million copies sold globally for the series with a new Persona 3 Reload trailer.
New Persona 3 Trailer Drops As Series Celebrates Shipping Over 22M Copies
(Picture: ATLUS)

Developer Atlus announced a new milestone had been reached for the Persona franchise, and it celebrated with a brand new trailer for Persona 3 Reload. The developer revealed that they have sold over 22 million copies overall for the Persona series, which comes more than a month following Persona 3 Reload's release.

This milestone is an impressive feat for Atlus as Persona 3 Reload has already become the fastest-selling release for the developer, surpassing over one million copies since launch. The new trailer released for Persona 3 Reload coincidentally dropped on 5th March 2024, commemorating The Promised Day, which should invoke nostalgia for Persona fans.

The Persona series has achieved another monumental milestone for Atlus, selling over 22 million copies worldwide. (Picture: ATLUS)

According to Atlus, the accumulative sales for the Persona series include all packaged and digital sales shipped across all Persona titles, which have crossed 22.6 million copies as of 5th March 2024. The Persona series started with the first release, Revelations: Persona, in 1996 as a spin-off entry to the celebrated  Shin Megami Tensei series.

Within the main series, there have been six entries, with Persona 5 as the recent title released in 2022 and multiple spin-offs released across multiple platforms. These spin-off releases include Persona 4 Arena, released exclusively for Japan before arriving in the West, and two Persona 5 spin-off games, Strikers and Tactica, which the latter launched for console and PC in November 2023.

The new "special" trailer for Persona 3 Reload features the remastered versions of "Changing Seasons -Reload-" by Atlus Sound Team's Atsushi Kitajo, which the trailer concluded with an eerie reminder. Voiced by Ryoji Mochizuki's VA, Akira Ishida, who can be heard saying, "Midnight's just around the corner." The clock's ticking—are you ready to step into the night?"

Persona 3 Reload is currently available for Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 4 and 5, and PC via Steam and can also be played through Xbox Game Pass.