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Persona 6 Rumored To Be A Multi-Platform Release According To Insiders

An industry insider claims that ATLUS may bring Persona 6 to Xbox as a notable industry leaker suggests it may be a multi-platform release.
Persona 6 Rumored To Be A Multi-Platform Release According To Insiders
(Picture: ATLUS)

Atlus has been on a monumental success run following the release of Persona 3 Reload, which became the fastest-selling game within its franchise, with over a million copies sold since launch. As such, the game catapulted the franchise as the developer announced that the game helped the Persona series push over 22 million copies and celebrated with a heartwarming trailer commemorating The Promised Day on 5th March 2024.

Naturally, this has spurred rumors for a potential sequel in the mainline series, namely Persona 6, which many outlets have reported that Atlus will announce a release date soon. While the developer hasn't confirmed anything as of yet, there have been reports from notable insiders stating that the upcoming sequel may receive a multi-platform release, which may bring Persona 6 to Xbox and Nintendo Switch or Switch 2 at launch.

This speculative report comes from prominent industry insider Nate the Hate, who has maintained that the forthcoming Persona sequel will land on multiple platforms at launch. This occurred during the recent DirectXbox podcast, in which the Xbox Partner Showcase was discussed, and the Persona 3 Reload's Episode Aigis The Answer was announced.

On the plus side, from information I've heard, it does seem that Persona 6 will be coming to the Xbox. So fans Persona have something to look forward to.

I'm not 100% sure if it's, like, day-and-date with the PlayStation version, but considering the way the Persona games have been day-and-date with the multi-platform releases at this point, it said, it may be a safe assumption to make that Persona 6 will be day-and-date Xbox and PlayStation.

Nate the Hate reiterated how important a "day-and-date" release for Persona 6 would be for the Xbox platform, stating, "It would be a really big deal if Microsoft was able to secure that on Game Pass." While the insider has rumored that Persona 6 may be heading to Xbox, a notable industry leaker commented on SpawnWave's tweet regarding the Persona 6 multi-platform rumors.

Midori confirmed Nate the Hate's reported information that the game may be coming soon to multiple platforms, which speculates this includes the Nintendo Switch or possibly the Nintendo Switch 2. However, as of writing, we cannot confirm when Atlus will announce Persona 6 or verify these rumors of a multi-platform release as the studio is currently preparing for the launch of their upcoming game, Metaphor: ReFantazio, scheduled for a 2024 release and continuing post-launch support for Persona 3 Reload.