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Enjoy Persona 3 Reload-Inspired Ramen At New London Pop-Up

Nothing goes together quite like Persona and ramen, and fans can enjoy both with a new limited-time menu at London's Yokocho restaurants.
Enjoy Persona 3 Reload-Inspired Ramen At New London Pop-Up
SEGA, Atlus, Yokocho

SEGA & Atlus have teamed up with Ramen Yokocho to bring fans a new limited-time menu in celebration of Persona 3 Reload's upcoming release. From January 16 until April 1, fans can head to either Yokocho's Panton or Heddon Street locations to explore the new set menu. 

Priced at £25, fans can choose between three set menus. Each one is inspired by a different Persona 3 Reload protagonist and includes a main, dessert, and a melon soda. Optional add-ons are also available in the form of the Mega Protein Bowl and Weird Takoyaki — deep-fried diced octopus balls topped with Takoyaki brown sauce, Japanese mayo, bonito flakes, aonori seaweed and red ginger. Each set menu comes with a limited edition Persona 3 Reload pin badge.

The Protagonist Set Menu, featuring the Hagakure Gourmet King Ramen. (Picture: Alexandra Hobbs)

We were lucky enough to test out the menu at the restaurant's Panton branch in Leicester Square where we tried The Protagonist set menu, which featured the Hagakure Gourmet King Ramen — a 12hr tonkotsu pork broth with garlic oil & fried garlic topped with menma bamboo shoots, BBQ pork belly, spring onion, nitamago egg and wakame seaweed. 

If ramen isn't your style, fans can also get their hands on the Bao Burger of Mass Destruction Teriyaki glazed beef burger, with bacon, lettuce, served with dashio chips and Japanese mayo. 

Dessert options include the Sweet, Sweet Thanatos – a coffin-shaped chocolate mochi brownie served alongside a scoop of matcha ice cream and strawberry sauce, and Marin Karin Parfait (ve)– a vegan ice cream parfait with anko and maraschino cherry.

Yokocho has been fully decorated with Persona 3 Reload vibes. (Picture: Alexandra Hobbs)

Each set menu comes with a melon soda drink, such as the Balm of Life – a mix of blue melon soda and blue raspberry syrup, with coconut jelly and a maraschino cherry, or the Snuff Soul (Red Jelly Soda) – a red melon soda and strawberry syrup, with coconut jelly and a maraschino cherry. ​

Yokocho's Tokyo street-style interior has also been specially decorated with with Persona 3 Reload decals, including wall art and character cut-outs.

The Yokocho X Persona 3 Reload limited-time set menus are available at both London Heddon Street and London Panton Street locations from Tuesday, 16 January to Monday, 1 April 2024.