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Phasmophobia: How To Find The Ghost Room

Finding the ghost room is an important first step in Phasmophobia, so we'll walk you through how to do it.
Phasmophobia: How To Find The Ghost Room
(Picture: Kinetic Games)

Your goal in Phasmophobia is to explore a haunted place, identify the ghost there, and make it out unscathed. The first step to completing this objective is finding the favorite and most frequented location of the ghost, also known as the ghost room. The location of this room differs every match, so finding it will require you to use your tools, intuition, and observational skills.

Here's how to find the ghost room in Phasmophobia.

Phasmophobia: How To Find The Ghost Room

ghost room phasmophobia how to find
Finding the ghost room in Phasmophobia requires intuition, skill, and use of your tools. (Picture: Kinetic Games)

Check For Low Temperatures

One great way to find the ghost room in Phasmophobia is to check for any rooms with low temperatures. Low temperatures often denote the presence of a ghost in a room. While freezing temperatures are a type of evidence for many ghosts, the temperature doesn't have to drop below 0 for there to be a ghost in the room; just look for drastic fluctuations using your thermometer.

You can also look for lower temperatures by looking for your breath hanging in the air, but beware - while this might help you find the ghost room, freezing breath no longer means that a ghost has freezing temperature evidence. You'll need to use a thermometer to determine that. 

Look For Activity

Another way to find the ghost room is to look and listen for activity. If a ghost is regularly throwing things around in the kitchen or events are occurring there, you can infer that that's the ghost room, for example. Not all ghosts are extremely active in this way, but it's still a great way to identify the ghost room since ghosts won't interact with objects in rooms in which they aren't present.

Use The Spirit Box

Players' best method to communicate with the ghost is the Spirit Box, which allows them to ask questions and perhaps even get a piece of evidence. To get the ghost to interact with something, you can say, "Are you with us?" or, "Show us where you are."

While these phrases won't guarantee a ghost interaction, they may encourage the spirit to tamper with items in their room, allowing you to locate it.

Locating the ghost room is a ghost hunter's first task, and sometimes, it can be one of the most challenging. Using these tips and tricks, however, will make it significantly easier for you to find the ghost room and begin your hunt for the ghost, no matter what Phasmophobia map you find yourself playing on.