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PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds
PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds

eUnited latest organisation to withdraw from PUBG

The latest organisation to reveal they are saying goodbye to PUBG as a wave of departures leaves many players uncertai about their future.

While some organisations have simply dropped players with the assurance they will return to the scene, eUnited's Tweet makes it clear that this is a departure from PUBG itself.

Various other organisations have released their rosters throughout 2019 including Cloud9, AVANGAR, Winstrike Team, Spacestation Gaming, Player One Esports and Pittsburgh Knights

Controversy involving the promised skins for the PUBG Global Championships being cancelled for each team seems to have been the final straw for many to speak out. Teams were promised individual cosmetic items that would see sales go directly to them for a set percentage, but these were scrapped in favour of generic PGC items with a set percentage share. 

As other battle royales like Fortnite grow and invest millions into tournaments every month, PUBG Corp. has come under fire from the community and its professional players for its treatment of the PC side of PUBG esports. Some have compared the situation to H1Z1 that saw its professional league collapse last year and left many owed money in its wake.

The mobile scene for PUBG is thriving, with more orgs investing in mobile players and teams predominantly in the Asian market. PUBG Mobile has the advantage of not requiring an expensive gaming PC as an investment to stand a chance at being successful, enabling a steady influx of possible top players to compete.

The PUBG Global Championship will conclude the 2019 Competitive Season from 8th November with group stage and semifinal games at the OGN Super Arena in Los Angeles before the finals at the Oakland Arena on 23-24th November.