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PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds
PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds

Revenue share items cancelled for Global Championship teams

Despite promises from PUBG Corp., the exclusive in-game cosmetic items for teams will no longer be added and instead 25% of the revenue from general PGC-branded items will be added to the overall prize pool.
Ahead of PUBG's Global Championship in November, PUBG Corp. will no longer be adding the team-branded items that would have seen teams directly earn 25% of revenue generated by their cosmetics according to an email distributed to participating teams and organisations.

First leaked by Esports Insider, the email reveals that the Premium Dev Unit had concerns about the development process and an 'inability to ensure a high enough quality' skins representing the organisations would be made.

While some teams have been qualified for the Global Championship for months, others are still yet to be determined as various leagues including PUBG JAPAN SERIES Season 4, PUBG Master League and ESL AU & NZ Championship are yet to finish. It might not be until 27th October when the latter two officially conclude that the qualifying teams are decided, which would have left two weeks for cosmetics to be designed and added.

Despite the five year plan for PUBG esports to assure organisations and players for the future, PUBG Corp. has struggled to keep big organisations involved in the competitive scene and this news will do little to encourage others to enter nor continue to field teams if there is perceived bad faith.

Cloud9 released their PUBG team despite them being a lock-in to qualify for the $2,000,000 tourney. The players remain still orgless under the name Genesis as the Global Championship approaches. 

AVANGAR have 'temporarily left', Winstrike Team transferred their roster to CrowCrowd, Team Vitality saw half their squad retire, get relegated then disband and in the last few days, both Spacestation Gaming and Pittsburgh Knights released their rosters. While PK claims they will be back in PUBG for 2020, the other organisations mentioned have shown no interest or desire to pick up new players any time soon.

The PUBG Global Championship will conclude the 2019 Competitive Season from 8th November with group stage and semifinal games at the OGN Super Arena in Los Angeles before the finals expected to take place at a still-unannounced location in Oakland on 23-24th November.

Update: The announcement from @PUBGEsports makes no mention of the scrapped skins, but instead the official post states 50% of PGC item revenue will be shared among attending teams and 25% of net sales will go back into the pirze pool. The venue for the finals has also now been revealed as the Oakland Arena.