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How PUBG: New State's advanced controls work

PUBG: New State's advanced controls are one of the best new features in the new battle royale, and this PUBG: New State advanced controls guide will explain everything you need to know about them, including how they work, how to use them, what they do, and more.
How PUBG: New State's advanced controls work

PUBG: New State has been released, and amongst numerous new upgrades and improvements compared to its predecessor, the game features an advanced control system that allows for much more depth and player agency on how you play the game.

With the game now live, players that strive to learn all the ins and outs of the game will surely want to grasp the advanced controls system as soon as possible, as it will help them gain the upper hand and dominate online.

So, without further ado, let's jump right into explaining PUBG: New State's advanced controls.

How to use advanced controls in PUBG: New State

How PUBG: New State's advanced controls work
Play peek-a-boo with your foes. (Picture: Krafton)

Despite the massive popularity of mobile games over the last few years, we often forget that this kind of entertainment is still relatively young and that there's still a lot of room for improvements and innovation.

We've been seeing these improvements in terms of graphics and the overall complexity, but one field where developers are still having a lot to work on is controls and proper use of touch screens, with enhancements that will both make games more comfortable to play and create even more appealing gameplay experiences.

Advanced controls in PUBG: New State are aiming to do just that, and we think that Krafton did excellent work in that regard.


Starting with the Peek option, there are now three different ways a player can peek and check what's going on behind the cover.

You can activate peeking (left or right) by either tapping, holding your finger on the button, or swiping.

Swipe is a particularly great option as it allows for an extended peek, by swiping further to the left/right, allowing players to have an even better overview behind the cover and gather more info, but also be slightly more exposed, to balance things out.

Inventory management 

PUBG: New State introduces a drop area where you can quickly drag and drop all the items you don't need, while simultaneously using a slider to determine how many units of that item you want to get rid of.

Once you are done, just click on the drop area and the inventory will close.


How PUBG: New State's advanced controls work
They see me rollin', they hatin'. (Picture: Krafton)

The Roll is a brand new movement feature added to PUBG: New State. Players can roll in any direction - forward, backward, or to the sides - simply by tapping the Roll button and swiping in the desired direction.

The more stamina you have, the further away you will be able to roll off.

There are several combinations you can achieve with the rolling motion, depending on what other things your character is doing. If you run and roll, you will continue running, if you are static, rolling will bring you back in the same position, etc. Explore various button combinations and learn what else you can do!

Throwable changes

How PUBG: New State's advanced controls work
Yup, that's his grenade between his feet. (Picture: Krafton)

There's one new but interesting addition here. Once you remove a clip from a grenade, you can simply drop it right below you! Can you think of a situation where you will benefit from doing this?

Jump changes

Finally, jumping is receiving some much-welcomed improvements as well. Holding the Jump button can now switch you into a parkour mode or ledge-grabbing, depending on where you are. This will allow for smooth and fast movement and remove potential clunkiness that was seen previously when there was a lot of obstacles to cross.

How PUBG: New State's advanced controls work
Jumping now has several functionalities. (Picture: Krafton)

And there you have it, all the advanced control changes added to the game. There's a lot to memorize here, but once you learn them all and muscle memory kicks in, you will be able to use them to your advantage in tight situations and out skill your foes!

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Featured image courtesy of Krafton.