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PUBG New State Mobile v0.9.32 patch notes - Underbridge, M110A1, Season 3, more

Krafton has announced the PUBG New State Mobile Season 3, i.e., v0.9.32, and here's everything coming to the game with its release.
PUBG New State Mobile v0.9.32 patch notes - Underbridge, M110A1, Season 3, more

New State Mobile v0.9.32 Season 3 update will be a major one as it will bring new map into the game along with a new weapon and various other features to make the experience more fun. This includes Underbridge map, M110A1 gun, Carry feature, and much more along with tons of optimizations.

In addition to this, a brand new Survivor Pass Vol.7 will also be available in which players can level up to unlock shiny rewards. Krafton has announced the complete patch notes of New State Mobile v0.9.32 Season 3 update and you can find them below.

PUBG New State Mobile v0.9.32 patch notes

Underbrige map is coming to New State Mobile.
Underbrige map is coming to New State Mobile. (Picture: Krafton)

New Map: Underbridge

Compared to Arena, Underbridge has a much wider playing field, which increases the usability for DMR's and SR's. Underbridge is mirrored in structure and is divided by a body of water that decreases player movement speed. 

A watchtower on the right side can be used for the strategic positioning. Each player begins with a deployable shield and one frag, smoke, poison, and stun each as the circle closes in.

The new map maintains the original best-of-7 Round Deathmatch format with the first squad to win four rounds winning the match. Test out your gunplay in the new Round Deathmatch map and claim your victory.

Deathmatch Progression

Deathmatch Progression system in New State Mobile.
Deathmatch Progression system in New State Mobile. (Picture: Krafton)

Play in Deathmatch modes to increase your combat level. Stats recorded in Deathmatch modes, including wins and losses along with kills and damage dealt, all contribute to experience that will be added to your combat level.

However, leaving during a match will not grant you any experience points. Increasing your combat level will reward you with a customization kit that can be used in Deathmatch presets. Use the kit to unlock a customization for your favorite gun.

Weapon Updates

New weapon called M110A1 is the fastest of all DMR's.
New weapon called M110A1 is the fastest of all DMR's. (Picture: Krafton)
  • A new 7.62mm DMR, M110A1, has been added. Boasting decent damage and good recoil control, the highlight of M110A1 liest in its bullet speed, the fastest of all 7.62mm DMR's. It will be available as a field drop in TROI and Erangel, so be sure to test out the new DMR. Customization 1 for M110A1 opens up a foregrip slot, expanding its usability in exchange for slightly slower ADS speed. 
  • The SCAR-L now has Customization 2, which changes its barrel to 7.62mm ammunition. Applying this change naturally increases its damage but decreases recoil control. 
  • M24 now also has c2, which adds a bipod. 
  • In exchange for slightly slower ADS speed, you can now crouch and prone all the while maintaining your aim to fire successive shots. 
  • This feature will apply to all sniper rifles with a bipod, including the DSR-1.
  • You can now attach the Grenade Launcher to the MCX and SCAR-L, with more guns to be added with future updates.
  • We also made some weapon balance changes. 
  • DSR-1 (C2)'s has damage has been increased. 
  • The effective ranges for Shotguns have also been increased. 
  • This affects the DBS, S686, S12K and S1897.
  • We corrected a mechanism where a friendly fire would previously go through an ally.
  • While teamkill is still disabled, you will no longer see hit effects when shooting an ally.

New features and control updates

Carry feature will be available on mobile devices as well.
Carry feature will be available on mobile devices as well. (Picture: Krafton)
  • You can now transport a downed player to the desired location. Simply press Carry after approaching a downed player to lift them up. Once carried, the downed player will lose HP slower and the player carrying will be limited in combat.
  • Melee attacks and throwables now cannot be used, and guns can only be fired in standing mode. 
  • Using ADS, crouch, prone, and other actions like roll will be disabled while carrying.
  • Shots fired at the downed player will penetrate to cause damage to the carrying player. 
  • Try using carry on a downed enemy to perform a safer recruit. 
  • You can now select Tap as an option to change between different firing modes. 
  • An animation has been added to show a car door open and close. 
  • We made improvements to in-game button feedback, so be sure to try out the new changes. 
  • You can now adjust camera view settings for FPP and TPP with greater detail.

Game Improvements

  • Knockout stats in Round Deathmatch are now displayed in the upper-left hand corner.
  • You will now start Round Deathmatch with a deployable shield in your inventory. 
  • Round Deathmatch in Arena now begins with one smoke and poison grenade instead of two smokes. 
  • You can also choose to Give Up when knocked down, just like in battle royale. 
  • You can now select your preset while spectating in Round Deathmatch.
  • If you don't get a single knock in two consecutive deaths in Round Deathmatch, you will equipped with Lv3. Helmet and Dyneema Vest in the next round. This applies to Arena and Underbridge. 
  • Circle damages for Troi (Extreme) and Erangel (Extreme) have both been modified. This will make it very difficult to in a final circle by only using meds.
  • Troi's overall vehicle spawn rate has been slightly increased.

Outgame Updates

Clan Points system will be introduced in New State Mobile soon
Clan Points system will be introduced in New State Mobile soon. (Picture: Krafton)

Here are some of our new clan updates.

  • Starting this season, playing in matches given Clan Points to your clan, with more points given while playing with Clan Mates. At the end of a season, your clan will be given a Clan Rank based on the total amount of Clan Points earned. 
  • Rewards will be given to Top 100 clans from each region, but members who have failed to accumulate more than 100 clan points will be exempt from the reward. 
  • In addition, gaining clan points also gives clan experience, which increases your clan's level up to level 5.
  • Higher levels will open up a greater variety of clan emblems to choose from, including new symbols, backgrounds, and colors.
  • Looking for team feature has been improved. 
  • The chatbox menu previously labeled as Party has now been changed to Team. A button for Find Team has also been added. 
  • Try using Quick Enter to enter a match using selected filters. 
  • A player's tier will now be displayed on their nameplate. 
  • A setting has been added to profile edit, where you can view only the items that you own. 
  • An event calender has been added to the event page, located on the bottom right.

Season 3

Earn new rewards by increasing your rank in New State Mobile Season 3.
Earn new rewards by increasing your rank in New State Mobile Season 3. (Picture: Krafton)
  • New State Mobile Season 3 has begun. You will be placed in a new tier based on your final tier from the previous season. Achieve the highest tier to obtain a brand new set of tier rewards. 
  • Survivor Pass Vol.7 has arrived. 
  • Paul Rubin from the New State faction is our newest featured character. Complete story missions to obtain Paul's outfit and appearance skins. 
  • You can now send the Nickname Change Ticket and the Custom Match Create Ticket as a gift at the NC Store. 
  • The Display in Lobby feature can now be set independently for different presets. 
  • Character skin quality has been improved to give outfit design a better aesthetic feel. 
  • Undergarments will no longer cause distractions to select outfits, and character skins are more pronounced. Also, character tattoos will no longer disappear as was previous with certain outfits. 

Other Updates

  • After we impose an action on a reported player, the player that originally filed the report will receive a notice. 
  • Once an action has been made within 14 days of the report, the player will receive an in-game mail explaining the result.

For more on the game, please make sure to check our section dedicated to PUBG guides, news, tips, and more.

Featured image via Krafton.