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PUBG Mobile Lucky Spin: How to get Icicle Mini14 skin

Here's how you can get the Icicle Mini14 skin in PUBG Mobile and what you need to know about the first Lucky Spin of 2021.
If you want to stay frosty in PUBG Mobile, the Icicle Mini14 skin is arguably the coolest way to take out your opponents for some well-deserved chicken dinners. 

This is where the first Lucky Spin in 2021 for PUBG Mobile comes into play. In this guide, we will walk you through the process of getting the Icicle Mini14 skin, including the cost and details you need to know about the new PUBG Mobile Lucky Spin.

PUBG Mobile Lucky Spin 2021

From now until 23rd January 2021, the first Lucky Spin of the year is going on. You can simply click on the Lucky Spin icon in PUBG Mobile to get started.

There is a price involved, however, as you can see from the Lucky Spin cost outlined below:

  • 1 spin: 10 UC (First spin per day)
  • 1 spin: 60 UC after initial first spin per day
  • 10 spins: 540 UC

LuckySpinjpg.jpg?_t=1610016994(Picture: PUBG Corp.)

Once you've completed a list of milestones, up to 300 spins, you will unlock the following rewards:

  • 15 spins: 1.000 BP + 5 Classic Crate Coupon Scrap (5)
  • 50 spins: Paint (5)
  • 120 spins: Snowflake Dancer Hat
  • 200 spins: Paint (5) + Material
  • 300 spins: Paint (10) + Material

The PUBG Mobile Lucky Spin has several items for you to get, including a Snowflake Dancer set, a Captivating Reindeer Set, a Reindeer Ornament, materials, a red-painted grenade and more. However, the main prize is the Epic Icicle Mini14 skin.


How to get the Icicle Mini14 skin in PUBG Mobile

To get the Icicle Mini14 skin in PUBG Mobile, you will need to try your luck at the Lucky Draw. While you can get it on the first 10 UC spin of the day, your chances are quite slim.

icicleinside.jpg?_t=1610017877(Picture: PUBG Corp.)

If luck isn't on your side, there's still some hope left. For each spin in the Lucky Draw, you will receive one Lucky Point towards your Lucky Score. Once your Lucky Score gets to 200, you are guaranteed to get the Icicle Mini14 skin on your next spin.

Basically, if you don't get lucky, you will still win the Icicle Mini14 skin in PUBG Mobile after you've completed 201 spins.