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PUBG Mobile Metro Royale: Gameplay and how it works

Check out the first PUBG Mobile Metro Royale gameplay and learn how the new mode works.
PUBG Mobile Metro Royale: Gameplay and how it works

While the PUBG Mobile Season 16 update is expected to release on 17th November, PUBG Corporation has a massive collaboration with Metro Exodus for fans to enjoy, starting on 10th November 2020. It is called Metro Royale, and the developer has shared the first details on how it works, as well as gameplay. Here's what you need to know about the PUBG Mobile Metro Royale game mode.

PUBG Mobile Metro Royale: How does it work?

The PUBG Mobile x Metro Exodus collaboration will see a completely new and unique game mode, Metro Royale, enter the battlefield. 

Metro Royale isn't like your standard Battle Royale, and it is like nothing PUBG Mobile players have seen before, featuring all-new gameplay, and a new way to win, to name but a few changes.

How does Metro Royale work PUBG Mobile gameplay

First off, PUBG Mobile Metro Royale's win condition is different. The player who makes their way to an extraction point first will win the match.

Metro Royale introduces an "independent structure" of battle, with its own item and growth system. Players are required to select their loadout before entering a match, and all Metro Royale items are stored in a specific inventory.

You can choose which items you want to take with you in your next match of Metro Royale from your inventory, or even exchange them for Metro Cash to purchase other items.


Even medical items will need to be prepared before entering a match, and supplies in each match will be scarce. The maps are also filled with monsters in case you were unsure.

If you are able to get to an extraction point, you will also keep the items you've scavenge to better prepare yourself for the next match. If you get eliminated from the match or fail to return, you will lose all the supplies you brought with you. This makes Metro Royale a high-stakes affair for PUBG Mobile players.

Each player will have a safe to store some valuable items in. There's also new tiers of armour, and a unique modification system for your gear to play around with, increasing your chances of survival.

Lastly, new items specific for Metro Royale are added to the game, such as Night Vision Goggles, a Night Vision Scope, an M203 Grenade Launcher and more.