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Two million PUBG Mobile cheaters banned ahead of Season 16 launch

PUBG Corporation has permanently banned nearly two million cheater accounts ahead of the Season 16 release date.
Two million PUBG Mobile cheaters banned ahead of Season 16 launch

In late August, PUBG Corp revealed the new era of PUBG Mobile, with the mammoth 1.0 update releasing in September. Since then, thanks to the New Era anti-cheat, the developer has banned millions of PUBG Mobile cheaters. With Season 16 set to release on 17th November 2020, the developer has banned nearly 2 million more accounts found using cheats and hacks in one week. 

PUBG Mobile cheaters banned

Thanks to the anti-cheat system, as well as the Video Review System (similar to Overwatch in CS:GO) which allows players to watch replays and flag suspicious accounts, PUBG Corporation has permanently banned exactly 1,964,540 cheaters from 30th October to 5th November 2020.

In a tweet from the official PUBG Mobile Twitter account, the developer explains: "From October 30th-November 5th, 1,964,540 accounts have been permanently suspended from accessing our game"

PUBG Corporation also revealed how the majority of cheaters banned in this latest ban wave is due to the following cheats and hacks in PUBG Mobile.

  • X-Ray Vision
  • Auto Aim Hacks
  • Speed Hacks

Other PUBG Mobile cheats detected include modification of character models and area damage. 

The developer also revealed the banned accounts' skill level, with the most accounts at 26% being in Bronze. This is followed by Platinum at 16%, Diamond at 15%, and Crown at 14% of the total cheaters banned.

Check out the image below which provides even more detail on the PUBG Mobile cheaters which got hit with the banhammer in one week.

PUBG Mobile cheaters season 16 banned
(Picture: PUBG Corporation)