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PUBG Mobile Titan Strikes: Schedule, rewards, game modes, more

In a collaboration with the new Godzilla vs. King Kong movie, PUBG Mobile will be invaded by huge beasts.
PUBG Mobile Titan Strikes: Schedule, rewards, game modes, more

The release of PUBG: Mobile update 1.4 is set to bring a host of new content to everyone's favourite mobile battle royale, not least the long-awaited collaboration with the Godzilla vs. King Kong movie which will enter the game in the form of the Titan Strikes event.

The two-month-long event will see Kong, Godzilla and an, as of yet, unknown third Titan roam the game's maps, attacking the Apex Expeditionary Army and monster settlements that are also being introduced with the event.

PUBG Mobile TITAN strikes
(Picture: Krafton)

There are many new mechanics to explore in the Titan Strike event, which also has two limited-time modes with one of them allowing you to turn into an insect. It's all very different, so if you are at all confused - here is everything you need to know.

Titan Strike - schedule

Three of PUBG Mobile's battle royale maps will be the stage for these massive Titans to terrorize, each Titan will be exclusive to their particular map, and each will be available at different times throughout the event which runs from the 11th May to the 8th June.

  • Godzilla will arrive on Erangel on 7th May.
  • Kong will arrive on Sanhok on 15th May.
  • Unknown titan will arrive on Livik on 20th May.

Titan Strike will also have two limited-time modes: Titan Last Stand (25th May - 8th June) and Microcosm (9th June - 5th July). More on these below.

How Titan Strike works

Pubg mobile titan strikes guide
(Picture: Krafton)

The inclusion of the Titans starts on spawn island, where you will see them roaming around. Once combat starts the Titans will move over the map, attacking the settlements of the Apex Expeditionary Army and monster settlements.

The Titans won't attack you, at least at first, though they can become agitated if too many players congregate near them. However, this is exactly what players are likely to do as each Titan offers up gifts of Titan Crystals, picking these crystals up offers up different bonuses.

They are:

  • Erangel Titan Crystal: A special throwable item that knocks back enemies and burns them
  • Sanhok Titan Crystal: A special crystal that enhances the player's abilities, such as running speed and jumping height
  • Livik Titan Crystal: An item that can be used to detect enemies in the vicinity for a brief period

Both the Apex and monster camps can also offer up tantalizing rewards for players with plenty of loot left behind once the inhabitants perish. Take note though, only the Titan can defeat the Apex Expeditionary Army while the monsters are troublesome foes.

The Livik Titan

The Titan on Livik has unique electromagnetic abilities that affect the Blue Zone and cause it to shift every once in a while. The Titan's electromagnetic energy forms a special scan circle that the player can enter to collect Titan Crystals. However, doing so will also expose their positions to other players.

Titan Last Stand LTM

The Monarch Expeditionary Team boarded an aircraft carrier in search of traces of Godzilla in the sea. Little did they expect that they'd get caught up in a battle between Titans.

A helicopter will appear in the Lobby UI. Tap on the helicopter to enter and start playing Titan Last Stand. Points earned during the event can be used to exchange for event rewards.

Microcosm LTM

Transform into a mini Insectoid, stay out of sight, traverse wormholes, and experience the magical microscopic world! Just make sure to avoid Pans!

How to Play:

  • Five labs will appear on Erangel, each with multiple interactive facilities. Interact with the labs' Quantum Transformation Device to miniaturize yourself and become an Insectoid. (Insectoids can also fly at a low altitude!)
  • After transforming into an Insectoid, players will receive a special Insectoid weapon that allows them to engage in battle with other Insectoids. While Insectoids cannot be hurt by ordinary ammo, they can still take damage from Pans.
  • Insectoids have a special visual ability that allows them to see the Luminators scattered throughout the map. Collect Luminators and exchange them in the Energy Store for combat supplies, or use them to open a wormhole to travel from one lab to another.

Lab Facilities:

  • Quantum Transformation Device: Players can use this device to transform into an Insectoid or go back to normal size.
  • Energy Store: Exchange Luminators for combat supplies here.
  • Wormhole Device: Players can use their Luminators to open a wormhole and use it to travel from one lab to another.