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PUBG: New State release date and launch trailer revealed

PUBG: New State is a new battle royale game by Krafton, which will be available for Android and iOS devices.
Krafton has finally revealed the official release date of PUBG: New State, a sequel to PUBG Mobile. The game is set to release on 11th November 2021 for Android and iOS devices globally except in China and Vietnam. It is based in the year 2051 and with a futuristic take on the original game of PUBG Mobile; PUBG: New State will include drones, combat rolls, futuristic ballistic shields, weapon customizations, and many more. 
PUBG New State release date and launch trailer revealed
PUBG: New State is developed keeping in mind to make the experience better for users on every device. (Picture Credits: Krafton)

PUBG: New State has been developed by PUBG Studios, and they have worked on realistic next-gen graphics on mobile devices, which will offer you the experience of playing on a PC, along with a lot of GPU and CPU optimizations, GPU API and better Graphics Rendering.

PUBG Studios has also made sure that the Anti-Cheat System on PUBG: New State will be strong and has a three-step anti-cheat solution to resolve the hacking problems before they spread. In addition to this, they have announced that players using emulators will not be allowed to play, as it ruins the integrity of the game.

PUBG New State release date and launch trailer revealed
New Green Flare Gun and Recruit System introduced in PUBG: New State (Picture Credits: Krafton)

PUBG: New State will have the characteristics of the original game but with a better experience and will include new features such as weapon customizations, Green Flare Gun, which will allow your teammates to rejoin you if they get eliminated in the game.

During the launch, the game will have the original Erangle map from PUBG: Mobile, and a new TROI map, with solo and squads options only. You can have a look at the official trailer released on YouTube below:


Stay tuned to our dedicated PUBG section for news about the franchise, including PUBG: New State, as well as guides and much more.

Featured image courtesy of Krafton.