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PlayStation Handheld 'Project Q' - Features, Release Date, Price, and more

Sony has announced “Project Q” a portable device coming later this year that will allow players to stream games from their PS5 console.
PlayStation Handheld 'Project Q' - Features, Release Date, Price, and more

The PlayStation Showcase has revealed a first look at some new Sony Hardware currently titled Project Q. This brand-new device is slated to push Sony into the handheld gaming space and while that sounds promising, what exactly do we know about the device? Well, that's where this guide comes in. 

Below we'll walk you through everything you need to know about the upcoming Project Q announced by Sony at the PlayStation Showcase. Including a full breakdown of what the device is, its features and limitations, and of course the expected release date, and how much this new handheld will be taking out of your wallet. 

What is Sony's Project Q?

Project Q is a device featuring an 8-inch screen designed for playing PlayStation 5 games using Sony's Remote Play system. The device resembles a PS5 DualSense controller that's been sliced in half and attached to both ends of a Switch-like midsection. And It enables you to stream games from your PS5 over Wi-Fi, allowing you to play them "when you're away from your TV," as mentioned in the press release. 

Sony Project Q What Is Project Q Described below
Project Q is a new Handheld device that will allow players to play games remotely using their PS5. (Picture: Sony)

The games themselves are processed locally on your PS5. Without a cellular connection, Project Q cannot be used while on the move unless you have access to a strong Wi-Fi connection on a plane or train, or if you invest in a 5G hub on a reliable network. Sony specifies that Project Q requires a minimum of 5 Mbps for usage, with a better gameplay experience requiring at least 15 Mbps.

Additionally, the games must be installed on the PS5, which means Project Q cannot be used with Sony's cloud gaming service included in the PlayStation Plus subscription, at least not yet we reckon. Essentially, Project Q aims to provide convenient access to your PS5 games within your home, allowing you to play them when the TV is occupied or when you are in bed.

Sony's Project Q Features

During the PlayStation Showcase, Jim Ryan, the head of PlayStation, announced that the device would feature an 8-inch HD screen, with its buttons and functionalities mirroring those of the DualSense wireless controller. With a screen size an inch larger than the Steam Deck and the Nintendo Switch, it is hoped that Sony will consider equipping its handheld device with an OLED display for enhanced visual quality.

Sony Project Q Features and screen
Project Q is visually a PS5 controller with a screen attached, however, it appears it will feature quite a decent screen and hardware that will provide smooth and engaging gameplay. (Picture: Sony)

However, based on a tweet from Geoff Keighley, the host, and creator of The Game Awards, it appears that the screen might have a 1080p resolution and a 60Hz refresh rate. While top-tier smartphones often aim for WQHD displays, opting for Full HD instead, especially on an 8-inch screen, should reduce the bandwidth requirements for streaming graphics to Project Q, leading us to believe that 1080p is adequate for an 8-inch screen.

Surprisingly, Project Q does not incorporate the ability to stream games from the cloud independently of a PS5. Cloud streaming typically doesn't require significant processing power, only a reliable internet connection and a video decoder, which Project Q likely already possesses. It's possible that Sony encountered challenges in ensuring satisfactory performance while keeping costs manageable, however, there is also a chance that they may be working on it and were likely to see cloud gaming come in the future. 

Sony Project Q What Is Project Q Ultimately were excited for a Sony handheld
Ultimately were excited to see what Sony's new handheld can deliver, and we hope that cloud gaming with the device is on the horizon. (Picture: Sony)

Ultimately, the existence of Project Q suggests that Sony recognizes the demand for gaming to seamlessly integrate into people's lives, offering more flexibility and reducing reliance on bulky gaming systems stationed under desks or TVs. So we can only hope that Sony recognizes the value in cloud gaming for the device and the demand that many PS5 players have for a convenient and holistic handheld device. 

Sony Project Q Expected Price and Release Date

Sony confirmed that Project Q is slated for release later this year, but an exact timeframe has not been specified. Additionally, the pricing for Project Q remains undisclosed. It is anticipated that Sony will aim to launch the console in time for the holiday season, potentially targeting Black Friday in November, to position it as a highly sought-after gift. Hopefully, Sony will not encounter supply shortages similar to those experienced with the PS5.

Taking into account that the Nintendo Switch is priced at $349 and both the Steam Deck and PS5 are priced at $499, it is reasonable to speculate that Sony's new handheld will fall within that price range. Though as always, take this with a grain of salt until we get official word from Sony.

So there you have it, everything you need to know about the recently unveiled handheld device coming from Sony for all PS5 players called Project Q. As always, be sure to check back here soon for more details on this device and you can take a closer look at the new hardware in the trailer above.