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Is Blaziken Shiny In Pokémon GO? - Hoenn Mega Raid Day

Blaziken will be appearing in the Hoenn Mega Raid Day, but can Blaziken be shiny in Pokémon GO?
Is Blaziken Shiny In Pokémon GO? - Hoenn Mega Raid Day

The Hoenn Mega Raid Day is set to hit Pokémon GO on December 3, 2022. With it, the arrival of the three Hoenn starters (along with their Mega evolutions) will also be appearing as catchable Pokémon or Raid bosses. There will be plenty of chances during this event to grab Sceptile, Swampert, and the topic of this article, Blaziken! But the most important question is: can Blaziken be shiny during the Hoenn Mega Raid Day?

Is Blaziken Shiny In Pokémon GO?

Hoenn Starters
The Hoenn Mega Raid Day will start on December 3, 2022.

The answer is yes! You can encounter a shiny Blaziken during the Hoenn Mega Raid Day. The Fire/Fighting-type starter Pokémon will be appearing more frequently and will know the Fire-type Pokémon signature move - Blast Burn. It is not yet confirmed whether evolving your existing Torchic or Combusken will allow it to learn Blast Burn during this event, but it has been an option in similar events, so it is very likely that this will be the case. 

Unfortunately, spotting a shiny Blaziken is easier said than done. The only difference between regular Blaziken and shiny Blaziken is slightly darker red colors and slightly brighter white colors. Blaziken, unfortunately, falls into the category of shiny Pokémon that are really difficult to tell apart from the original (such as Garchomp and Gengar).  

Hoenn Mega Raid Day
Blaziken, Sceptile, and Swampert can all be shiny!

Nevertheless, if you keep your eyes peeled, you should be able to catch a shiny Blaziken as long as you come prepared for the encounter. You can use Lure Modules or Incense to attract a Blaziken and then use Razz Berries to make catching it that much easier. 

Additionally, because Blaziken already comes fully evolved, you don't have to worry about getting more candy in order to evolve it. By purchasing an Event Exclusive Ticket, players will also be able to claim the following rewards:

  • Six additional Raid Passes from spinning gyms (for a daily total of 12, including freebies). 
  • Increased chance to receive Rare Candy XL
  • 1.5x XP for winning Raid Battles
  • 2x Stardust from Raid Battles

And that's all about Shiny Blaziken in Pokémon GO! Good luck during the Hoenn Mega Raid Day!

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All featured images courtesy of Niantic / The Pokémon Company / LeekDuck.