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Pokemon GO Mega Aerodactyl: Best Counters And Moveset

If you want to know how to defeat Mega Aerodactyl in Pokemon GO and what moves to give it, we are here to help.
Pokemon GO Mega Aerodactyl: Best Counters And Moveset

Completing a difficult raid in Pokemon GO is very exciting for players who enjoy the game. not only do you take down a powerful Raid Pokemon, but you also have the opportunity to catch that Pokemon as well. If you want to make your Pokemon team even more powerful, taking down powerful raid Pokemon is the way to go.

With that being said, the Crackling Voltage event is coming and players are starting to wonder how they are going to take down Mega Aerodactyl during its raids. Here, we will not only tell what are the best counters to Mega Aerodactyl in Pokemon GO, but we will also tell you what moveset you should give it as well.

What Are The Best Counters To Mega Aerodactyl In Pokemon GO?

Pokemon GO Mega Aerodactyl
Mega Aerodactyl is part of the Crackling Voltage event in Pokemon GO. (Picture: Niantic)

If you want to take down every raid Pokemon during the upcoming Crackling Voltage event in Pokemon GO, you will need to know how to take down Mega Aerodactyl. Mega Aerodactyl is both a Flying-type and a Rock-type Pokemon. So targeting its weaknesses with both Electric-type moves and Steel-type moves are the way to go.

If you want to go for the maximum amount of damage fast against Mega Aerodactyl, you will want to bring Xurkitree. Its powerful Electric-type moves will take Mega Aerodactyl down fast. You should also consider Metagross as well. Metagross can target Mega Aerodactyl with Steel-type moves and it is a much better tank against Mega Aerodactyl's move pool. Just remember to have at least three people attempting the raid to give yourself the possibility to complete it.

What Is The Best Mega Aerodactyl Moveset

Pokemon GO Mega Aerodactyl counters
Xurkitree is one of the best counters against Mega Aerodactyl. (Picture: Niantic)

Now that you are ready to defeat a Mega Aerodactyl, you should be also ready to train one up when you catch it. Mega Aerodactyl is a pretty unique Pokemon. Its Max CP goes up to 4655, so that is a lot of power behind this Pokemon.

When it comes to its moveset, really, there is only one moveset worth considering. You will want the Quick Move Rock Throw and the Charge Move Rock Slide. The damage you will be outputting with these two moves is miles ahead of any other moveset that Mega Aerodactyl can get. Really, this is the only moveset you should consider as the other move combinations for this Pokemon falls off pretty heavily.