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Pokémon GO Noibat Community Day – Dates, Featured Pokémon & More

The Sound Wave Pokémon, Noibat, will spread its wings as it heads to Pokémon GO in this month's upcoming Community Day event.
Pokémon GO Noibat Community Day – Dates, Featured Pokémon & More

Trainers are nearing the conclusion of the Season of Mythical Wishes, but there’s plenty of content and events to look forward to. But ahead of the new season starting next month, Niantic will spread the love with new themed events, Pokémon debuts, and amazing rewards to earn.

A new Community Day event is fast approaching as Trainers can hang out with other Trainers, as Noibat will be flying around for a limited time. Here’s everything about the Community Day event, including the event schedule, featured Pokémon, and more.

5th February 2023 Update: The Noibat Community Day event is slowly rolling out in various territories and regions. The Field and Special Research tasks should be available shortly.

Pokémon GO Noibat Community Day – Event Schedule

The next Community Day event will see the Flying/Dragon-type Pokémon, Noibat, will see Trainers come together to participate in an array of activities in their local areas. This event will occur on 5th February 2023 for three hours between 2 pm and 5 pm local time.

There are various activities to enjoy, from Field Research tasks to the paid Special Research story and a bonus Raid Battle with Noibat. New themed Stickers are making their way to the in-game Shop in time for the Community Day event, which you can gift to friends.

Pokémon GO Noibat Community Day – Featured Pokémon

As we’ve stated earlier, the Flying/Dragon-type Pokémon, Noibat, is the featured Pokémon for this event and can be spotted in various activities for the event’s duration. These include a batch of Field Research tasks where you can earn an encounter with Noibat with the chance of it being a Shiny Noibat.

pokemon go events guide community day noibat evolution family noivern candy
Don't forget to evolve Noibat to Noivern using 400 Candy during the Community Day event. (Picture: Twitter / Pokémon GO)

An event-exclusive paid Special Research story, Abundant Noise, will also be available from the in-game Shop for $1,00 or equivalent in your local currency. You can also gift a ticket for the Special Research to your friends once tickets are made available for purchasing; however, details on its tasks have yet to be announced.

Additionally, if you’re successful in encountering and catching Noibat, you can evolve the Pokémon to Noivern, which requires 400 Noibat Candy. Doing so during and five hours following the Community Day event will allow Noivern to know the Boomburst Charged Attack, which has a power stat of 140 (Gyms and Raids) and 150 (Trainer Battles) when Noibat is used in battle.

Pokémon GO Noibat Community Day – Bonus Raid Battle

pokemon go events guide noibat community day charged attack boomburst
Evolve Noibat to Noivern during and after the Community Day event and it will know the Boomburst Charged Attack. (Picture: Twitter / Pokémon GO)



We’ve previously outlined the event bonuses for the upcoming Community Day event, but there will be a special Raid Battle available to all Trainers. Once the Community Day event has concluded, you can test yourself against Noibat in a four-star Raid Battle.

This will be made available on 5th February 2023 for three hours between 5 pm and 10 pm local time; however, it requires one prerequisite to participate. Trainers who wish to battle with Noibat can use a Raid Pass or a Premium Battle Pass to participate in this bonus Raid Battle.

Trainers with Remote Raid Passes cannot enter this Raid Battle event and must acquire it before joining. If you’ve successfully defeated Noibat, it will appear nearby the Gym that hosted the Raid Battle for 30 minutes which other Trainers are likely to encounter Noibat or Shiny Noibat.