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Pokémon GO Party Play: What Is Party Power

Power your way to victory with your Party in the Challenge Raid Battles, but what is Party Power, and how do Trainers use it in Pokémon GO?
Pokémon GO Party Play: What Is Party Power
(Picture: Twitter / Pokémon GO)

Pokémon GO has finally introduced its cooperative game mode, Party Play, which its community has long requested since its launch. With new in-game content, features, and rewards for Trainers to enjoy, there is also a new mechanic available when engaging in raid encounters.

Challenge Raid Battles have the Party Power, which increases when Party members join them in these Raids before powering up a Charged Attack. We’ve detailed what Party Power is, how to accumulate and use it in Pokémon GO’s Party Play.

What Is Party Power In Pokémon GO’s Party Play?

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Challenge Raid Battles function similarly to standard, Mega and Shadow Raids in Pokémon GO. (Picture: Niantic / The Pokémon Company)

With Party Challenges being one of the many activities Trainers can do with others in an ongoing Party session, Challenge Raid Battles are another activity they can do together. These are functionally similar to any starred, Mega, or Shadow Raid, with the difference being that the Party and non-Party Trainers can join a single Raid battle.

This will significantly aid all Trainers as if all Party members are participating in the Raid, this adds to the total contributions of Party Power that can be used. Party Power is a unique bonus specifically for the Party Play mode, which fills up when they have as many Party members joining in the Raid. https://niantic.helpshift.com/hc/en/6-pokemon-go/faq/4171-how-to-use-party-play/?ticket_form_id=717707

As this fills up during the Raid encounter with every attack against the Raid boss, they contribute Party Power, which can be used when complete. This unleashes a powerful Charged Attack thanks to a special boost received after filling the Party Power, which they can tap a button at the bottom left of the screen.

It’s worth noting that this special boost for the Charged Attack, which doubles the attack's damage, will only apply to the Trainer, not their on-field Pokémon. If their Pokémon should faint or be depleted of HP, this boost will then be transferred onto the next Pokémon that joins the Raid, so Trainers won’t have to worry about losing it.

Do bear in mind that there is still a Trainer limit when participating in Challenge Raid Battles, as the raid bonus depends on how many Party members have joined. If fewer Party members are in the Raid, they won’t be able to use the Party Power, which may hamper Trainers from defeating the Raid boss.

Nevertheless, as of writing, Niantic has notified Trainers that there is an ongoing issue regarding Party Power, which is under investigation. According to the Known Issues page, the “Party Power Up does not charge if all Party Members’ Pokémon faint during a Raid Battle, even when the Party Members rejoin the Raid Battle with new teams.”