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Can Minccino Be Shiny In Pokémon GO? - Ultra Beast Arrival

The Pokémon GO Ultra Beast Arrival will feature Minccino, but will Trainers encounter a Shiny Minccino in-game?
Can Minccino Be Shiny In Pokémon GO? - Ultra Beast Arrival

Pokémon GO features many exciting activities for Trainers to participate in, ranging from Raids to Spotlight Hours. There are also occasional limited-time events in which various mysterious creatures will debut. This includes the upcoming Ultra Beast Arrival: Global event, which features the Normal-type Pokémon, Minccino. But the burning question many Trainers want to know is: Can Minccino be Shiny in Pokémon GO? 

Update on 26 November 2022: We amended this article to reflect  Minccino's appearance in the Pokémon GO Ultra Beast Arrival: Global event.

Is There A Shiny Minccino In Pokémon GO?

pokemon go Minccino shiny form
Minccino will appear in its Shiny form in Pokémon GO. (Picture: Game Freak / The Pokémon Company)

We won't beat around the bush with this one. The good news is that Minccino can be Shiny during the Pokémon GO Ultra Beast Arrival: Global event. More specifically, Trainers will have an increased chance of encountering Shiny Minccino from the Group Bonus for defeating an Ultra Beast in a Raid battle. However, it's worth noting that the Ultra Beast event will only be available for a limited time, from 11 am to 5 pm local time on Sunday, 27 November 2022, so it's best to capitalize fully on this unique opportunity.

Note: Minccino will have an increased chance of being Shiny. During the event, Trainers can also encounter Shiny Scyther, Magmar, and Absol around the Gym after defeating an Ultra Beast in a Raid.

The last time a Shiny Minccino appeared was (to the best of our knowledge) during the 27 September Spotlight Hour. That said, we're unsure when this creature will reappear next, so it's best that you take full advantage of this opportunity and add a Shiny version of Minccino to your Pokédex.

With the Ultra Beast Arrival: Global Event lasting only a few hours in Pokémon GO, you can best prepare yourself for the encounter with Minccino or a Shiny Minccino by checking your inventory. Accordingly, ensure you have enough Poké Balls, which can be obtained from spinning PokéStops, opening gifts, and the Daily Free Box.

That's everything you need to know about Shiny Minccino in Pokémon GO. Next, check out our awesome documentary about the Rise and Fall of Pokémon GO or one of our recent guides below.

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Featured image courtesy of Niantic / The Pokémon Company.