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How To Use The Daily Adventure Incense In Pokémon GO

Learn how to use the new Daily Adventure Incense lure in Pokémon GO for 15 minutes of easy catches.
How To Use The Daily Adventure Incense In Pokémon GO

Niantic added a brand new item to Pokémon GO in the form of the Daily Adventure Incense. The new item is a different version of the Incense Lures that have already existed in the game, and there are a few exciting features that come with it.

These Incense items won't activate on your own, so you'll need to choose the Daily Adventure Incense when you're ready to start walking. Luckily, activating the new lure is easy and available to every Trainer within the game.

Daily Adventure Incense - How to use Lure in Pokémon GO

Daily Incense Catch
The new Incense Lure is blue in color. (Picture: Niantic)

To use your Daily Adventure Incense, you need to open up your game and look towards the top right of the screen. On the base screen, you can see a Daily Incense symbol, which looks like a lure, but it's blue instead of green or orange. Tapping on this icon will bring give you the option to activate the lure or back out and use it later.

Another way to access the blue lure is to open up your item back in the menus like you would with other similar items. For any Trainers that have Incense Lures in their bag, the Daily version can be found directly underneath. Tap on the lure and you'll be able to activate the bonus.

When the Daily Adventure Incense is active in Pokémon GO, you'll have 15 minutes to make the most of the bonus. As long as you are moving around, Pokémon will spawn with blue rings that indicate they came from the lure. After the 15 minutes, you'll get a full list of the Pokémon you caught on your walk. Trainers can share these and compare them with friends.

One of the best parts of the new lures is the cost. They are free for everyone who has Pokémon GO, and a new Special Research was even brought into the game to celebrate. This research is called A Mysterious Incense, and there are two steps to get all the rewards.

Incense Catches
Share all your catches from the Daily Adventure Incense. (Picture: Niantic)

Most of the Daily lure's benefits are obvious and a great way to get some extra Pokémon. Niantic added in another bonus, though, that is technically hidden. Using the Daily lure will give you a chance to encounter one of the three Galarian Legendary Birds.

Galarian Articuno, Zapdos, and Moltres can all appear from the Incense. However, they are incredibly hard to catch. They have less than a 1% catch rate and a 90% flee rate per throw. Regardless, it's a fun bonus for a free item and another exciting way to play the game.

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Featured image courtesy of Niantic.