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How To Get Ability Patch And Ability Capsule In Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

Ability Capsules and Patches are integral to forming a competitive team. So here's how to get them in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.
How To Get Ability Patch And Ability Capsule In Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

Powering up your Pokemon to compete in battles requires a lot of preparation, including purchasing Ability Capsules and farming Ability Patches. These items are easily considered one of the most important things you can do for your competitive team in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. That said, it's not entirely obvious where you can find these incredibly useful resources.

If you want to learn more about how to use or get Ability Capsules and Ability Patches in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, you are in luck. This article will cover what they are, why they are so important, and where you can find them.

How To Get Ability Capsules In Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

Ability Capsules are purchasable items in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. However, before you can buy them, you'll need to defeat all eight gyms and claim all eight badges. Once you've claimed all eight badges, visit a Chansey Supply Shop in Mesagoza, Levincia, Cascarafa, or Montenevera to purchase Ability Capsules. They cost around $ 100,000 of in-game currency (yes, they are expensive).

But why are Ability Capsules so vital, and better still, are they worth purchasing in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet? In short: yes, they are. Certain Pokemon come with multiple abilities they can switch between; Ability Capsules are used to change a Pokemon's ability. Notably, these items only work on Pokemon with two or more abilities.

ability capsule pokemon violet scarlet
Ability Capsules can be bought after you complete all eight gyms. (Picture: Nintendo)

How To Get Ability Patch In Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

Ability Patches are a bit more challenging to earn than Ability Capsules, primarily because they are rarer. To get these, you'll need to farm Tera Raid Battles with star Levels 6 and above. Each battle has a low chance of dropping a Capsule; earning as many of these Patches as possible is merely a numbers game.

Ability Patches can be used on a Pokemon to turn its standard Ability into its Hidden Ability. This tool is incredibly powerful and can be used to adapt the Pokemon in your team for competitive battles. Note that Ability Patches only work on Pokemon with Hidden Abilities.

ability patch pokemon scarlet violet
Ability Patches are incredibly useful in competitive play. (Picture: Nintendo)

That's all you need to know about Pokemon SV Ability Patch and Capsules, including what they are and where you can find them in the game. If you're still struggling, this video should provide a visual explanation to help you.

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