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How To Get All Tatsugiri Forms In Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

Here, we go over exactly what you need to do to find and catch all the different forms of Tatsugiri.
How To Get All Tatsugiri Forms In Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

In recent years, Nintendo has been adding different Pokemon forms for you to collect. For example, there are multiple Rotom forms that you can acquire through the game. Each Rotom form does something different and is even different in typing.

There are three different forms that Tatsugiri can take. Tatsugiri is one of the Pokemon introduced as part of the False Dragon Titan duo as well. So it is no wonder that many players are interested in catching all three forms. Here, we go over what you need to do to catch all three forms of Tatsugiri in Pokemon.

How To Find All Tatsugiri Forms In Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

Pokemon Scarlet And Violet Tatsugiri
Finding and catching Tatsugiri is not too difficult if you know where to look. (Picture: Nintendo/The Pokemon Company)

One of the things that we suggest before you go Tatsugiri hunting is either be around level 50 or get all the Gym Badges in the Victory Road storyline. The reason for that is all Tatsugiri are around level 50, and having all the Gym Badges will make catching Pokemon at that high of a level much easier.

Either way, to catch Tatsugiri, you will want to go to Casseroya Lake. This is the same lake as where you took on the False Dragon Titan. That area is where Tatsugiri spawns. The best locations within the lake to catch Tatsugiri are the small islands in the lake.

In those small islands, you will find all three forms of Tatsugiri. The three forms of Tatsugiri are as follows:

  • Droopy Form (Red Tatsugiri)
  • Stretchy Form (Yellow Tatsugiri)
  • Curly Form (Orange Tatsugiri)

Once you have these three forms, you have successfully caught all three forms of this Pokemon. If you want an additional challenge, you could try shiny hunting for Tatsugiri as well. Each form of Tatsugiri has its own unique shiny form as well, so it is well worth your time to shiny hunt Tatsugiri.

How To Catch Tatsugiri

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Tatsugiri
You could also trade with someone to get all the Tatsugiri forms. (Picture: Nintendo/The Pokemon Company)

The absolute quickest way to catch Tatsugiri is by throwing a Quick Ball. Quick Balls are perfect for those who are looking to complete their Pokedex. The Quick Ball has the highest catch rate of any Pokemon, excluding the Master Ball, at the start of the battle. More often than not, throwing a Quick Ball as soon as the battle starts almost guarantees that you will catch the Pokemon.

If, for some reason, you are unable to catch the Tatsugiri with your first Quick Ball, you can remedy this easily. The first thing you will do is actually run away from the battle. Then when you do that, encounter and enter battle with the Tatsugiri again. This will give you another chance to catch the same Tatsugiri quickly and without harm using a Quick Ball.

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All featured images are courtesy of Nintendo of America / The Pokemon Company.