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Pokemon Unite Meowscarada Release Date Countdown

If you want to play as Meowscarada in Pokemon Unite when it releases, we have the release date for you here.
Pokemon Unite Meowscarada Release Date Countdown
The Pokemon Company

When Will Meowscarada Release In Pokemon Unite

UPDATE - The official Pokemon Unite X account has confirmed that Meowscarada joins Pokemon Unite on December 7. We imagine more details will be announced in the coming days.

Back in August, the Pokemon World Championships were taking place. In this event, there were a couple of different games that players could compete in and Pokemon Unite was one of them. In the end, the developers of Pokemon Unite showed off a trailer that featured some new Pokemon that were coming. Meowscarada was one of them.

In the trailer, we see that Blaziken and Mimikyu will come before Meowscarada. From what we can see, there is no official release date or leaks for when Meowscarada will be released just yet. However, we highly suspect that Meowscarada will launch in Pokemon Unite either in late December or early January 2024. That would line up with the current release schedule that we know of.

How To Unlock Meowscarada In Pokemon Unite

Although Meowscarada will be released in Pokemon Unite for everyone, you will still have to unlock this Pokemon to use it. You do so by unlocking its Unite License which is available for purchase in the in-game store. The price will vary but there are two different currencies that you can use to unlock Meowscarada when it eventually releases.

Pokemon Unite Meowscarada
Mewoscarada is the final evolution of the popular Grass starter, Sprigatito. (Picture: The Pokemon Company)

The first is Aeos Coins. Aeos Coins are a currency that you can get from completing in-game challenges, daily log-ins, and more. Aeos Gems are a premium currency that you can only obtain through spending IRL money on them. It is also possible that you can play as Meowscarada for free for a limited time. There are codes that are often distributed to give you a temporary Unite License for a Pokemon. This will let you test that Pokemon to see if you really want to purchase it. Whether that code will happen is a different story altogether.

Pokemon Unite Meowscarada
Meowscarada is the first Generation 9 Pokemon to join Pokemon Unite. (Picture: The Pokemon Company)