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Can Machop Be Shiny In Pokémon GO - July Spotlight

Find out if Machop can be shiny during the Pokémon GO Spotlight Hour in the second week of July.
Can Machop Be Shiny In Pokémon GO - July Spotlight

As the second week of July approaches, Trainers will have an opportunity to get Machop in the weekly Pokémon GO Spotlight Hour. Like any Spotlight prior to this one, the most prominent question is whether the featured Pokémon can be caught in a shiny form or not.

Catching shiny forms are one of the most exciting aspects of Pokémon GO and it's no surprise that they are used as selling points for events such as Community Days. Spotlight Hours themselves are a very light version of those events with just one hour to get an addition like a shiny Machop. But those forms aren't always guaranteed.

Pokémon GO - Shiny Machop in the July Spotlight Hour

Machop and Staryu
Machop and Staryu are the next in line for the Spotlight. (Picture: Niantic)

There's nothing to worry about in the second week of July as there is certainly a shiny Machop that can be caught in Pokémon GO. Two events have gone live in the past that have guaranteed Machop will always have a shiny form available in the game.

The first of those was the Community Day event that was held for the Kanto region Fighting-type. Any time a Pokémon is given a Community Day, they will have a shiny form added if they don't already have that available. This carries on afterward as well, so it's more than likely that you've seen some shiny Machamps occupying gyms or fighting in the GO Battle League.

All of the Kanto region Pokémon also have guaranteed shiny forms after the Kanto Tour that took place in 2021. Both the Kanto and the Johto regions had tour events that gave their full rosters shiny forms on top of the opportunity to complete a platinum Pokédex.

Machamp is always a great option in the GO Battle League. (Picture: Niantic)


Now even though the shiny Machop form is possible to catch in Pokémon GO, that doesn't mean it's a guaranteed catch during the Spotlight Hour. As the Kanto Fighting Type spawns all around the map for an hour straight, you can maximize your odds of a rare catch.

Make sure to have both an Incense Lure and a Lure Module activated at a populated PokéStop. During this time, you'll be able to keep constant spawns of the featured Pokémon going. While the spawns continue, you can tap on a Machop to see instantly if the Pokémon is shiny. Catching it isn't necessary to see if you got the green Fighting Type.

The Machop Spotlight Hour will be held on July 12 at 6 pm local time. These always end for one hour and the event will be over at 7 pm local time. Next week, you can expect Staryu to take over.

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Featured image courtesy of Niantic.