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Pokémon GO Groudon - Best Counters And Moveset

Use the best counters for Groudon in Pokémon GO and pick the best moveset.
Pokémon GO Groudon - Best Counters And Moveset

Groudon has appeared in Pokémon GO raids for years now, and though the community has had plenty of time to take down the Legendary, the best counters and moves are always changing. As more Pokémon are added to the game and new events bring new TMs, the approach to Groudon can also evolve.

In general, Groudon is one of the best ways to get a high CP Legendary because of how high the baseline is. However, that high CP also means the Continent Pokémon is a challenge in Raids and in the GO Battle League. But the right team can knock the massive Pokémon down.

The best counters to Groudon in Pokémon GO

Groudon Counters
Groudon is one of the three super-ancient Pokémon. (Picture: Niantic)

The typing that Groudon has makes it fairly defensive in Pokémon GO, and picking the right counters can be tough. There is only one type that you need to worry about against this Legendary which is the Ground-type.

Compared to others, Ground-types on their own lack a diverse list of effective counters. There are three counter-types that will provide a 1.6x increase in damage. The three types are Ice, Water, and Grass. In some cases, Groudon will utilize Dragon-type attacks, which can affect the counters on a defensive basis. Six of the best are listed below.

  • Mega Venusaur - Vine Whip (Fast) and Frenzy Plant (Charged)
  • Zarude - Vine Whip (Fast) and Power Whip (Charged)
  • Kyogre - Waterfall (Fast) and Surf (Charged)
  • Mega Blastoise - Water Gun (Fast) and Hydro Cannon (Charged)
  • Shadow Gyarados - Waterfall (Fast) and Hydro Pump (Charged)
  • Tangrowth - Vine Whip (Fast) and Power Whip (Charged)

Of the six counters listed above, there are three that have different versions. For example, Shadow Gyarados is listed, but standard Gyarados would also be a good option in a pinch. Whether it is a Mega, Shadow, or standard, the same attacks can be used on the Gyarados or any other examples.

The best moveset for Groudon in Pokémon GO

Groudon Moveset
Groudon is one of the best Master League picks. (Picture: Niantic)

Whether you are using Groudon in Raids or against other players in the GO Battle League, the Legendary is a great pick to have available. The general moveset can change depending on PvP or PvE intentions, but the Master League and Raids can utilize similar sets.

For a Fast Attack in Pokémon GO, there are two options for Groudon. If you plan on using it for PvP and PvE, then Mud Shot is the best option for charging and counters. But if you are only going in Raids, then Dragon Tail will do more damage at a base level.

When choosing Charged Attacks, the first option is Fire Punch, which is an Elite TM move that can quickly burn shields. Earthquake is a fantastic secondary that dishes out a ton of damage. Without an Elite TM, then a third option can be Solar Beam to charge faster.

And that's all. For more awesome content, check out our section dedicated to Pokémon GO news, guides, updates, and more!


Featured image courtesy of Niantic.