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How To Get Inkay and Malamar Evolution In Pokémon GO

Learn how to get Inkay in Pokémon GO and evolve it into Malamar through some unusual moves.
How To Get Inkay and Malamar Evolution In Pokémon GO

Inkay was first introduced in Pokémon GO nearly a year ago during the fifth-anniversary event for the game. Along with Inkay, Trainers were able to get a hold of Malamar in the same way that he's obtained through the mainline franchise.

Even after almost a year, Inkay is still an elusive Pokémon that comes and goes depending on the current event or season. The dual Dark and Psychic-type is a fan favorite because of the cute first-stage design and imposing evolution. This guide will outline exactly how to get your own Inkay and evolve it into Malamar along the way.

Pokémon GO - Catching Inkay and evolving it into Malamar

Inkay was introduced in the 2021 year of content. (Picture: Niantic)

Before you try any evolutions, you're going to need an Inkay of your own. Of course, getting a good one before you attempt the evolution is the best scenario, but work with what you have. Psychic-type events will usually bring the Generation VI squid back into the wild, or if you're lucky, it'll be spawning regardless.

Catch any Inkay that you find when you're playing Pokémon GO. To evolve the Revolving Pokémon, you're going to need 50 Candies in total. That translates to about 17 catches without any other boosts. Transferring extra catches or using Pinap Berries can also speed up that process.

Once you have the 50 Candies you need, it's time to evolve Inkay into Malamar. When you tap on the option you want to evolve, you see a choice to power the Pokémon up or evolve. However, the evolution section will unavailable. To unlock the evolution, you'll have to flip your phone upside down. As soon as you give your phone a 180, the evolution button will turn green.

Season of Light
Inkay will likely return in the Season of Light. (Picture: Niantic)

This step in the evolution process for Inkay was also present when the Pokémon first debuted in Generation VI. Players would have to flip their system upside down to start the process. It's the same reason that Malamar looks like an inverted version of a squid.

If the evolution still isn't working when you turn your phone, you may need to unlock or lock the screen shifting feature. It may also be a case of restarting Pokémon GO to make sure that the changes take effect and you can use your 50 Candies. Otherwise, that's all there is to the process and you'll have your own Malamar within no time.

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Featured image courtesy of Niantic / The Pokémon Company.