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Pokémon GO Community Ambassador Program - How To Join

Find out how you can apply to join as a leader in the new Community Ambassador Program for Pokémon GO.
Pokémon GO Community Ambassador Program - How To Join

Niantic has announced a brand new Community Ambassador Program for Pokémon GO that will promote new leaders throughout the world. Starting today, Trainers can start applying for a leadership position in the program that will give communities the opportunity for more rewards and feedback to Niantic directly.

Local communities are the focus of the new program so that in-person events are far more lucrative in the future. In-person events happen every month or so in Pokémon GO, but they tend to be exclusive and expensive compared to other events. Every Trainer can't hop across countries to catch some new Pokémon. But this program will help compensate.

How to join the Community Ambassador Program in Pokémon GO

GO Fest Seattle
The new program will compensate for Niantic sponsored events. (Picture: Niantic)

While the Community Ambassador Program is open to the entire player base for application, being accepted as a leader will be far more difficult. In order to even have an application looked over or available to send, you'll have to start building a reputation outside of Pokémon GO.

For this, Trainers need to use The Silph Road website. The Silph Road is a resource site for Pokémon GO that provides tons of stats, in-person events, and a community platform feature. Naturally, Niantic saw this platform as the best one to partner with. Before you can apply as a Community Leader, you will need to reach rank 4 in the community section for The Silph Road.

Once you are at level 4, you can send an application over to Niantic and the process will begin. When the application is reviewed, they will look over your local information sent and your account in general. Anyone with any cheating history or strikes will be denied.

In the case that you are accepted as a Community Ambassador, you will get a direct line to Niantic and some new perks for the community. At any time, this position can be taken away for bad conduct or cheating.

What it means to have a Community Ambassador Program Leader

Season of GO
Season of GO has introduced plenty of quality of life changes. (Picture: Niantic)

Any areas that have a Community Ambassador in Pokémon GO will get new rewards directly from the leader. The idea is to promote local events that wouldn't have exclusive rewards otherwise. Some of the rewards will include new cosmetics, bonuses, and item codes that can be given out.

On top of the rewards for local communities, the Community Ambassador Program Leader for that area will be able to speak to Niantic in a one-on-one conversation. This allows for additional feedback and an open line of communication.

If you have a local Pokémon GO scene near you, definitely check out the new program and see if you qualify.

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Featured image courtesy of Niantic.