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How to get Ingo (Special Costume) & Accelgor in Pokémon Masters EX

Now that popular characters Ingo and Accelgor have arrived in Pokemon Masters EX, players are wondering how to get them and their powers.
How to get Ingo (Special Costume) & Accelgor in Pokémon Masters EX

Subway Boss Ingo is an iconic character from the Pokémon games, becoming so popular that he has cultivated a small cult following on Tumblr and other sites. As of 20th April 2022, he's coming to Pokémon Masters EX with a special costume, along with his Pokémon Acceglor. 

Here's all about Ingo (Special Costume) and Acceglor's moves, as well as how to get them in Pokémon Masters EX.

Pokémon Masters EX - How To Get Ingo (Special Costume) and Acceglor

Ingo and Accelgor are arriving in Pokemon Masters EX. (Image: DeNA)

Ingo (Special Costume) and Accelgor will be available in the Ingo Costume Scout and Ingo Costume Tiered Scout from 13th April to 10th May 2022.

Tiered Scouts require paid gems, allowing players to climb tiers and have a higher chance of getting Ingo (Special Costume) and Accelgor. At Tier 10, players will be guaranteed to receive Ingo (Special Costume) and Accelgor.

Players will receive bonus items by using the Sync Pair Scout x11 in Ingo Costume Scout.

Pokémon Masters EX - Ingo (Special Costume) and Acceglor Moves

Ingo and Accelgor are a Bug-type sync pair. (Image: DeNA)

Ingo and Accelgor are a Bug-type sync pair. Their abilities allow them to trap enemies and boost Bug-type attacks, making them an unconventional but highly effective team when used correctly.

The duo's main moves are as follows:

Name (Type) Power Description
Quick Attack (Bug) 94 No additional effect.
Infestation (Bug) 20 Leaves the target trapped.
Bug Wish N/A Turns the field of play’s zone into a Bug Zone. (A Bug Zone powers up Bug-type attacks.)
Coming Through! N/A Raises the user’s evasiveness by two stat ranks. Raises the accuracy and evasiveness of all allied sync pairs by one stat rank.

Their Sync Move, a Bug-type move called Express Line Bug Impact has 200 Power, and the power increases when the target is trapped.

The duo's five Theme Skills and three Passive Skills boost their team's stats in a variety of ways, including raising Attack and Sp. Atk. Skills like Special Costume Tech also allow them to recover HP and have higher health.

Pokémon Masters EX - Curious Tea Party Event

Ingo and Accelgor will also star in their own sub-story as part of the ongoing Curious Tea Party Event in Pokémon Masters EX. The sub-story will be called Ingo's Party Prep - Way of the Butler and will last from 20th April 2022 to 3rd May 2022.

That's all we know about Ingo (Special Costume) and Accelgor's arrival in Pokémon Masters EX. Want more Pokémon news? Check out our Pokémon section for updates!


Featured image courtesy of Niantic / The Pokémon Company.