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Logan Paul ends up in hospital after Pokémon card "scam"

Logan Paul has set a trend of buying rare Pokémon cards but a recent purchase turned out to be a scam and resulted in the YouTuber going to the hospital.
Logan Paul ends up in hospital after Pokémon card "scam"

The trend of opening up and buying Pokémon cards has turned dangerous for YouTuber Logan Paul. One of the many influencers to recently be enamored with the Pokémon Trading Card Game, which includes retired rapper Logic, Paul has been buying cards and packs left and right. Recently, however, this hobby took a turn for the worse when Paul wound up in the hospital after he realized he was scammed. 

Pokémon scam results in Logan Paul going to the hospital 

Taking place yesterday, Logan Paul thought he got the steal of a lifetime with a particular Pokémon card. Originally, Paul thought he was purchasing an ungraded Pikachu Illustrator card. This particular card is thought to be worth north of $2 million but has sold at auction for around $234,000. 

Pokeman Logan Paul scam hosptail
(Picture: Logan Paul)

However, shortly after seeing the card in person, Paul realized it was fake. He claimed to have paid $150,000 for it before making this realization. Although, he had the card in his possession so he thought he would make a prank video that showed him realizing it was fake. The prank didn't go as expected. 

Paul ended up peeling off the sticker of the rare card to reveal that it was really a common Trainer card. Of course, for the video, the YouTuber reacted outrageously, throwing the card and eventually punching a glass window. 

Though it was meant to be a joke, Logan Paul actually ended up bleeding pretty severely and had to be rushed to the hospital ultimately receiving nine stitches. 

Claiming he's "officially bled for Pokémon", Logan Paul has taken this recent hobby to a new level.