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New Pokémon Snap: How to find and snap 4 Star Volcarona Photo

If you don't know how to unlock and photograph Volcarona 4-start photo in New Pokémon Snap, this guide will help you do it.
New Pokémon Snap is out, and fans are going crazy worldwide searching for rare and elusive Pokémon hidden around the Lental region.

Some are quite easy to find while others require some tricks and special procedure in order to catch them and snap the best possible photos.

If you are reading this article that probably means that you have issues with finding Volcarona and taking a 4-start photo. 

If that's indeed the case and you are wondering how to unlock Volcarona in New Pokémon Snap, then you are in the right place!

New Pokémon Snap - How to find Volcarona

New Pokémon Snap how to take 4 Star Volcarona photo
(Picture: The Pokémon Company) 

In order to unlock the Illumina Pokemon Volcarona, you will need to raise the Fireflow Volcano course to Research Level 2.

After that, you will need to Complete Fireflow Volcano again at Level 2, as this will unlock the new route on the right.

Once you do that, you will need to take a photo of the Ancient Ruins.

After you complete all of this, the Fireflow Volcano Illumina Spot should become available to you, and that's where you will find Volcarona.

In order to photograph Volcarona, you will need to remove the pokemon's fire shield and then make Volcarona start glowing.

  • Toss two Fluffruit at the Volcarona which will deplete its fire shield.
  • Once the Volcarona loses its shields, throw Illumina Orbs to make it glow.

New Pokémon Snap - 2 Star Volcarona Photo

For a 2-star photo, you will need to wait until the "Happy Vibes" Volcarona pose. You can trigger this by throwing an Illumina Orb at it.

New Pokémon Snap - 3 Star Volcarona Photo

For a 3-star photo, you just need to wait until Volcarona performs a flip and take a photo at that exact moment. You will know when to do it, but it can be hard to catch the exact moment, as you will need quick reflexes.

New Pokémon Snap - 4 Star Volcarona Photo

New Pokémon Snap how to take 4 Star Volcarona photo
(Picture: The Pokémon Company) 

The first three photos were quite easy, but this one will take you some time, as there's a lot of things to set up.

At the start of the course, toss a Fluffruit at the Volcarona on the left, and this will open an alternative route for you. Use that route and just follow it until the end.

There you will find two Volcarona, and you will need to lure them into a very specific setup in order to take the 4-Star Volcarona photo.

It is advised not to use a turbo, as you will need time to set everything just right.

You need to hit both Volcarona with Fluffruit repeatedly and alternately, and you will need to track how they move while you are doing this, so it is best not to use zooming.

New Pokémon Snap how to take 4 Star Volcarona photo
(Picture: The Pokémon Company) 

You want to do this as the goal is for them to appear together in the final room, and once they are both in their final form, hit both of them with a fluffruit so that their shields are down simultaneously.

Now hit quickly both of them with Illumina Orbs, and while they are both in the Illumina state, you will need to hit a Crystabloom with an Illumina Orb.

If everything is completed in the right order, both Volcarona will now come near a Crystabloom and start dancing, at which point all that has left is for you to take a photo and there's your four-star snap!

It sounds a bit complicated, but it is not as hard as it seems, it's all in the timing and there's just a bit of work to be done, but when you know what you are doing, it shouldn't be too hard.