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New Pokémon Snap: How to snap Lugia & secret location

There are all kinds of Pokémon under the sea, but few are as important as Lugia. Here's a guide on how to find this legendary Pokémon in New Pokémon Snap.
New Pokémon Snap: How to snap Lugia & secret location

Lental Seafloor, the underwater area in New Pokémon Snap, hides many beautiful Pokémon just waiting for you to photograph them, but if you are careful enough, you will even be able to find some of the most iconic Pokémon.

One of them is Lugia, know as "the guardian of the seas", the opposite of Ho-Oh who is known as "the guardian of the skies".

If you are on your undersea hunt for some new and great photos of Lental Seafloor's Pokémon, make sure to take a few photos of Lugia as well!

Here's how to find Lugia.

New Pokémon Snap - How to find Lugia

First thing first, in order to even have a chance to spot Lugia, you will first need to complete the main storyline.

Once you are done with the main story, make sure to have a research-level 3 for the Lental Seafloor area and go there.

  • Pass the first area with Pelipper, Luvdisc, Corsola, Finneon, and Alolmalola, but instead of continuing to the area with the seaweed, there's a hidden alternate route to your left.
  • Throw an Illumina orb at Clawitzer there, and it will destroy boulders hiding the alternative route.
    New Pokémon Snap How to snap Lugia & secret location
    (Picture: The Pokémon Company)
  • Go inside the passage and soon you will find yourself in a deep-sea area, where you can take snaps of Chinchou, Inkay, Starmie, and Tentacruel.
  • After you pass through this darker area, the next area will be wider and more illuminated, featuring Wailmer, Sharpedo, and Lumineon.
  • Now when you are there you will need to look around and find Lanturn.
  • Once you spot it, throw an Illumina orb at Lanturn.
  • This will cause it to look around and then suddenly rush downward, being pursued by Sharpedo.
    New Pokémon Snap How to snap Lugia & secret location
    Set Lantur free and it will lead you to Lugia. (Picture: The Pokémon Company)
  • All of a sudden, a huge bunch of Pokémon will start swimming upward in a group, followed by a huge Wailord.
  • When this scene has ended, you will notice that Lanturn is now captured by two Frillish.
  • Just hit it with an Illumina orb and you will set it free.
  • Make sure to follow Lantur, as it will open another route for you.
    New Pokémon Snap How to snap Lugia & secret location
    The alternative route leading to Lugia. (Picture: The Pokémon Company)
  • And right there in the area where it has brought you, you will find Lugia sleeping on a rock on your right.
  • To wake it up, toss an Illumina orb at the two Crystablooms each.
    New Pokémon Snap How to snap Lugia & secret location
    Lugia sleeps when you first find it. (Picture: The Pokémon Company)

And that's it! Enjoy your photos!

And make sure to take all the photos you want, because if you wish to visit Lugia again, you will, unfortunately, need to repeat everything from this article step by step, as the light made by Lanturn is crucial for the alternative route to appears.