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New Pokémon Snap - How to find Ho-Oh and complete A Slice of Rainbow request

This Legendary flying/fire Pokémon is another one that can be found after you complete the main story. Here is how.
New Pokémon Snap - How to find Ho-Oh and complete A Slice of Rainbow request

The fun has just begun once you have completed the main story in New Pokémon Snap, as it only once you have done so that you can snap some of the Lental region's Legendary Pokémon.

We have already covered Generation 1's Mew, and in this guide, we take a look at the flying/fire hybrid Ho-Oh, who can be found on the island of Voluca.

We will show where to find and capture some great 4-star photos of Ho-Oh, as well as complete the request, A Slice of Rainbow.

Completing the A Slice of Rainbow request/

Finding Ho-Oh

A Slice of Rainbow is a request given to you by Todd and one which you will have access to once you complete the main story.

"Apparently there's a Legendary Pokémon around the volcano. Keep an eye on the sky, and maybe you'll see something," Todd will tell you, and he is right, there is a Legendary Pokémon, Ho-Oh, and he can be found in the Voluca region, specifically the level 3 Volcano map in Fireflow Volcano.

How to find Ho-Oh pokemon snap
(Picture: Beardbear)

Once you are there, Ho-Oh has three potential spots he can be found in, all in the sky, and all around where you originally spawn.

The first potential spot is to your direct right as you spawn in. Through a crack between two rock walls, Ho-Oh will fly by, it is important to take a picture of him no matter where he spawns through your particular playthrough as it activates them for the rest of the map.

Ho-Oh location new pokemon snap
(Picture: BeardBear)

The second location he can potentially be seen is a little later and just after you head down this passageway.

Second Location
(Picture: BeardBear)

He will appear to your left, high, flying above the rocks.

 Ho-Oh(Picture: BeardBear)

The third potential location is similar to the second, except they can be seen to your right, you'll want to spin almost 180 degrees on your right side while keeping the camera trained up.

(Picture: BeardBear)

You will soon enter a cave area, which if you have activated Ho-Oh three feathers will appear. Activate each with "Y" and Ho-Oh will appear near the end of the cave.

Ho-Oh feather locations
(Picture: BeardBear)

There are plenty of opportunities to get great photos of Ho-Oh, throw consumables with "Y" and they will give you impressive shots.

Ho-Oh banner
(Picture: BeardBear)

Heard back to get your photos rated by Professor Mirror, after the moves that Ho-Oh pulled off you are almost guaranteed to have a 4-star photo.

You will now have completed the request, as a reward you will get a profile icon of Todd with heart eyes!