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New Pokémon Snap: All Legendary Pokémon and how to find

Take a look at all the Legendary Pokémon in the latest Pokémon Snap and how to find them.
New Pokémon Snap: All Legendary Pokémon and how to find

The latest entry in the Pokémon Snap series is now available for players around the world, with many eager to discover the wonders of the Lental region, including the Legendary monsters it hosts.

Just like the original Nintendo 64 release, there are plenty of Legendary Pokémon to hunt down, although you'll require a bit more steps this time around, as the game might want you to have a higher Research level before you run into any of these.

In any case, let's run you through all the Legendary Pokémon in Pokémon Snap.

Pokémon Snap - All Legendary Pokémon


mew pokémon snap

Where to find?

Founja Jungle at night.

Once you spawn into the world, turn around and play a song, a purple ball will spawn, throw a fluffruit and Mew will be visible for a few seconds.


celebi pokémon snap

Where to find?

Elsewhere Forest

Right as the level is about the end, Celebi will spawn right in front of you. Impossible to miss.


Lugia pokémon snap

Where to find?

Lental Seafloor undersea

Take the secret path from which Clawitzer spawns, move forward until you start going deeper in the undersea, and pay close attention to a Lanturn that will spawn. Hit Lanturn with an orb and the Wailord that will start chasing him, Lanturn will lead you to a sleeping Lugia.


Ho-Oh pokémon snap

Where to find?

Fireflow Volcano

Ho-Oh appears at random during the stage, but the best way to snap a picture is right above the Charmander that's near a small flower.


suicine pokémon snap

Where to find?

Shiver Snowfields

During the day, right at the start of the level, take a picture of the Alolan Sandslash on your left, keep an eye out as it'll reappear down the line, take his picture one more time, the Pokémon will dig a tunnel through a snow wall.

Now, go to the night version of the level and walk through the snow wall, give the Crabominable an orb, it'll hit a tree dropping snow on a sleeping Abomasnow, its tantrum will make a Froslass appear, take a picture and it'll lead you to a new secret passage. Once you spot a Jynx, throw orbs and Suicune will emerge.


diancie pokémon snap

Where to find?

Outaway Cave

Move through the level until you reach the section with the Mawile, throw orbs at it and any other Pokémon around and Diancie should spawn.


manaphy pokémon snap

Where to find?

Reef Night

This area unlocks once you finish the game. Near the end, take the alternate route that will lead you to a bunch of Lapras', hit them all with an orb and Manaphy should appear. 


jirachi pokémon snap

Where to find?

Ruins of Remembrance

Once you complete the story portion of this area, replay it again and it'll spawn right at the start.

Of course, there's also Xerneas but as this is an integral Pokémon to the story of the game, we're sure you have no problem with this one.

You can check out Nintendo Life's video for a more detailed explanation of each area and Pokémon.

All images courtesy of The Pokémon Company.