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Niantic releases weak statement after Pokémon GO changes backlash

The company behind Pokémon GO has released a response to its community, as thousands of players show their concerns through the #HearUsNiantic movement.
Niantic releases weak statement after Pokémon GO changes backlash

The Pokémon GO community has shown its dissatisfaction due to the changes and adjustments that Niantic has made in recent weeks, when they reversed the special bonuses implemented due to the COVID-19 pandemic, angering players because for many the day-to-day situation isn't drastically different from when the developer's implemented the changes.

Due to this, players decided to organize and planned a boycott against Pokémon GO using #HearUsNiantic, in the hope that Niantic would reverse their decision. The community’s movement has already had an effect, as the criticism reached the ears of its developers.

#HearUsNiantic letter Pokémon GO Niantic
The Pokémon GO communities have raised their voices against Niantic through the #HearUsNiantic movement (Picture: Twitter)

Through a statement on their blog, Niantic reported they are aware of the criticism and as a result, the studio will analyze various proposals to provide an alternative to Pokémon trainers.

Niantic explained the adjustments were only made for now in the United States and New Zealand due to the health recommendations of each country. However, the US player base strongly disagreed with this decision, as the pandemic situation has not improved much.

"We reverted the interaction distance from 80 meters to the original 40 meters starting in the US and New Zealand because we want people to connect with real places in the real world and visit sites that are worth exploring," the studio commented.

Pokémon GO pandemic bonuses
Pokémon GO's pandemic bonuses included a bigger interaction distance with elements around (Picture: Reddit)

The company reaffirmed it has always listened to feedback from its community, so they will reconsider adjustments for the game. To do this, they announced the creation of an internal team to develop proposals for the title and encourage players to explore the world.

In addition, the company undertook to address specific issues related to player interaction distance. After analyzing the situation and making a decision, the company will make the respective announcements on 1st September.

Despite the statement, many content creators around this community have shown their disappointment, with many claiming that Niantic is simply in a state of "damage control" "control damage".

It will be a matter of weeks to learn Niantic’s final decision, the result of which could affect the relationship between developer and player long after the pandemic is "over".

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