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PewDiePie gets custom Pokemon card created by fan

A fan has created a custom PewDiePie Pokemon card blowing away famous YouTuber Felix Kjellberg.
Felix Kjellberg, aka PewDiePie, is the king of YouTube content creators, and he also has a love for Pokemon TCG cards. In a recent upload, PewDiePie was blown away when coming across a fan-created, custom PewDiePie Pokemon card, complete with holographic effects.

Custom PewDiePie Pokemon Card

The fan-created custom PewDiePie Pokemon card comes from Reddit user Melodic_M, who uploaded his creation in a Reddit post more than a week ago.

Before we get to PewDiePie's reaction to this magnificent fan-creation, check it out in action below.

The Reddit post has a massive 39,000 upvotes at the time of writing, with a plethora of positive comments from users.

Melodic_M created this PewDiePie Pokemon card using transparency paper and an original Pokemon card.

The PewDiePie Pokemon card has the following stats:

  • 190 HP
  • Brofist - Felix brofists the attacking Pokemon three times, causing them to flinch next turn.
  • Meme Review - Felix claps twice and gives your opponent a zero, weakening them for the rest of battle.

Check out a high-quality image from Raptrading Instagram account below.

custom PewDiePie pokemon card
(Picture: Raptrading)


Reacting to the PewDiePiew Pokemon card, Felix was blown away, stating: "Hell yeah! Ah, that’s sick! Dope, I like it. Got the holographics, cool!"

The topic about this amazing, custom Pokemon card featuring PewDiePie begins at 09:32 in the video from the famous YouTuber below.