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PewDiePie gets custom Pokemon card created by fan

A fan has created a custom PewDiePie Pokemon card blowing away famous YouTuber Felix Kjellberg.
PewDiePie gets custom Pokemon card created by fan

Felix Kjellberg, aka PewDiePie, is the king of YouTube content creators, and he also has a love for Pokemon TCG cards. In a recent upload, PewDiePie was blown away when coming across a fan-created, custom PewDiePie Pokemon card, complete with holographic effects.

Custom PewDiePie Pokemon Card

The fan-created custom PewDiePie Pokemon card comes from Reddit user Melodic_M, who uploaded his creation in a Reddit post more than a week ago.

Before we get to PewDiePie's reaction to this magnificent fan-creation, check it out in action below.

The Reddit post has a massive 39,000 upvotes at the time of writing, with a plethora of positive comments from users.

Melodic_M created this PewDiePie Pokemon card using transparency paper and an original Pokemon card.

The PewDiePie Pokemon card has the following stats:

  • 190 HP
  • Brofist - Felix brofists the attacking Pokemon three times, causing them to flinch next turn.
  • Meme Review - Felix claps twice and gives your opponent a zero, weakening them for the rest of battle.

Check out a high-quality image from Raptrading Instagram account below.

custom PewDiePie pokemon card
(Picture: Raptrading)


Reacting to the PewDiePiew Pokemon card, Felix was blown away, stating: "Hell yeah! Ah, that’s sick! Dope, I like it. Got the holographics, cool!"

The topic about this amazing, custom Pokemon card featuring PewDiePie begins at 09:32 in the video from the famous YouTuber below.