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PewDiePie will no longer accept donations while streaming

As one of YouTube's biggest stars he no longer feels the need for people to donate money.
PewDiePie will no longer accept donations while streaming

YouTube's biggest superstar Felix "PewDiePie" Kjellberg doesn't often do live stream sessions, but he does like from time to time to engage more closely with his fans while live-streaming some of his gaming sessions.

Pewdiepie won't accept donations
PewDiePie will no longer be accepting donations while streaming. (Picture: PewDiePie)

On the 5th November he was live streaming and playing Hades, Supergiant Games' latest rogue-like masterpiece.

At one point someone in chat asked how to send money to him, on which PewDiePie answered pointedly: "You can't!"

He then proceeds to explain how he made a decision that he doesn't want to accept donations anymore.

"It was actually when I did my 'donating to Twitch streamers' video that made me realize just how weird it is to donate money to people," he explains.

The video he mentions is from about a month ago when he was giving donations to random streamers on Twitch.

He further points out that it simply makes no sense to him to accept donations anymore, and that he just wants to chat with his 'army of 9-years-olds', the name his fans jokingly call themselves as a response to people saying that only kids are watching Pewds.

"Like if someone gave me that money on the street I'll be like 'WTF no, I'm not gonna take that,' but for some reason, if I'm streaming it's 'yeah, pay me, give me the money!'"

He also wanted to stress out that he doesn't judge other people for giving or taking donations, but that simply from his point of view, it doesn't make sense, and so he won't be accepting them going forward.

Pewdiepie Hades Stream Donations
PewDiePie plays Hades (Picture: PewDiePie)

It goes without saying that PewDiePie is one of the richest content creators in the world, with over 100M subscribers on YouTube, and one of the most recognizable personalities from the early era of internet stars.

But he's also genuinely connected with his fanbase and despite his often controversial moments, he can often be a great role model as well, and moves like this are just an example why is he so beloved within his fanbase.

This announcement comes just days after Pokimane announced a $5 donation cap, which was followed by Tyler1 saying that he would like to do the same thing

Are we witnessing a new movement amongst top-tier content creators?