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Pokémon GO TCG Crossover - All Collection Challenges

Learn about all the Collection Challenges you can complete in the Pokemon GO's TCG Crossover event.
Pokémon GO TCG Crossover - All Collection Challenges

The Pokémon GO TCG Crossover Event is live, and a whole slate of new Collection Challenges was added for trainers everywhere to complete. As the event runs on, more will be added to the mix, but so far there are six main challenges to pursue.

Most events will have one main Collection Challenge that consists of nine Pokémon from an event-based pool. That even-based pool exists in the TCG Crossover as well, but there is a focus on a separation between Kanto starters. On top of the normal challenges, this event also brings tiers with a higher difficulty for trainers who want even more of a challenge.

Pokémon GO TCG Crossover Advanced Collection Challenges

Collection Challenge
The first three challenges are the easiest. (Picture: Niantic)

In total, there will be nine Collection Challenges tied to the TCG Crossover event, and the idea is to create a card rarity difficulty within Pokémon GO. Most trainers will get the first three, but the second set will be even more difficult to get, and so on. Only the most dedicated will end up getting all nine complete by the end.

At the moment, there are only six challenges, and the final three will appear on June 23. Until then, you can head to your daily challenges tab to find everything available in the event. Each challenge completed will give you an Elite Collector Badge and more rewards. You can find them all listed below.

Bulbasaur Collection Challenge 1:

  • Catch Bulbasaur
  • Catch Spinarak
  • Catch Wimpod
  • Catch Aipom
  • Catch TCG Hat Pikachu
  • Reward: 1,000 XP and a Venusaur encounter

Charmander Collection Challenge 1:

  • Catch Charmander
  • Catch Numel
  • Catch Magikarp
  • Catch Alolan Rattata
  • Catch TCG Hat Pikachu
  • Reward: 1,000 XP and a Charizard encounter

Squirtle Collection Challenge 1: 

  • Catch Squirtle
  • Catch Bidoof
  • Catch Slowpoke
  • Catch Eevee
  • Catch TCG Hat Pikachu
  • Reward: 1,000 XP and a Blastoise encounter

After these challenges, the next three will go higher in difficulty. The last of the total six will be labeled as the Advanced Challenge, and it provides the most in terms of rewards and effort.

Elite Collector
Earn more Elite Collector Badges with each completion. (Picture: Niantic)

Trade Collection Challenge:

  • Trade for a TCG Pikachu
  • Trade for a Bulbasaur
  • Trade for a Charmander
  • Trade for a Squirtle
  • Reward: 3,000 XP and a Lure Module

Kanto Collection Challenge:

  • Catch Ivysaur
  • Catch Charmeleon
  • Catch Wartortle
  • Catch Venusaur
  • Catch Charizard
  • Catch Blastoise
  • Reward: 5,000 XP and an Egg Incubator

Advanced Collection Challenge Pokémon GO:

  • Trade for a Venusaur
  • Trade for a Charizard
  • Trade for a Blastoise
  • Catch Snorlax
  • Catch Slaking
  • Catch Dragonite
  • Reward: 10,000 XP and a Meltan encounter

By June 23rd, there will be three more Collection Challenges added to the TCG Crossover Event in Pokémon GO. Considering there is the 1st version of each of the Kanto collections, it's safe to say that we'll see more such as "Charmander Collection Challenge 2" in the next week, which will also contain their evolutions.

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Featured image courtesy of Niantic.