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Pokémon GO Leaks Tease Mareanie, Toxapex, Celesteela & Lunala

Pokémon GO dataminers PokeMiners have leaked details of upcoming Pokémon, Lunala, Mareanie, Toxapex, and Celesteela.
Pokémon GO Leaks Tease Mareanie, Toxapex, Celesteela & Lunala

After recently unveiling Pokémon GO Season of Light and hinting at all the Legendary Pokémon expected to debut, new leaks have started to surface. On 8th September 2022, a creditable group of Pokémon GO dataminers, PokeMiners, revealed all the Generation 7 Pokémon to be released.

In particular, these pocket monsters are from the titular games Pokémon Sun and Moon. Although Niantic has already teased Lunala, some other familiar names might soon be making their way to Pokémon GO, including another Ultra Beast.

Pokémon GO Leaks Tease Arrival Of New Gen 7 Pokémon

This is Lunala.

PokeMiners revealed the leaked information about the potential new entries to Pokémon GO via a Twitter post on 8th September 2022. In the post, they unveiled Lunala, Mareanie, Toxapex, and Celesteela, who are Pokémon from Generation 7 and Pokémon Sun and Moon.

The Tweet also showed Shiny variations of all the Pokémon, if not varying color patterns. It’s unsure whether or not these Pokémon will be released since any data mined content is subject to change or removal before making it to official servers. Still, noting the pace of Pokémon GO’s Season of Light, it’s highly probable.

Niantic has officially teased Solgaleo, Cosmog, and even Lunala on Twitter, so there’s no questioning the possibility of Lunala appearing in Pokémon GO. But other notable Pokémon in the leak are Mareanie, Toxapex, and Celesteela.

This is Mareanie.

Mareanie is a Poison and Water-type Pokémon who evolves into Toxapex. The Pokémon is found along beaches and shores. In its evolution, Toxapex has been considered a highly good defensive Pokémon. So, these two additions in Pokémon GO could mean serious business across Raids or even Gym Battles.

On the other hand, Celesteela is a Steel and Flying-type Ultra Beast. Celesteela is considered one of the best defensive Ultra Beasts in Pokemon Sun And Moon.

This is Celesteela.

During Pokémon GO Fest 2022, Trainers got to catch the Ultra Beasts Pheromosa, Buzzwole, and Xurkitree. Considering Ultra Beasts are much stronger than the average Pokémon in Pokémon GO, there’s no doubt that if Celesteela made it in the game, it would perform exceptionally. 

Despite being unofficial leaks, it’s pretty likely these Pokémon will make it to Pokémon GO. But like all leaks, Trainers should take these details with a grain of salt. Until Niantic officially announces or teases these Pokémon, Trainers should keep an eye out for more information.

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All featured images are courtesy of Niantic / The Pokémon Company.