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Pokémon GO: More Kalos and Alola Mega Evolutions on the way

Through new assets discovered by dataminers, the arrival of new Pokémon of different generations to the Niantic game has been revealed.
Pokémon GO: More Kalos and Alola Mega Evolutions on the way

From time to time, new featured Pokémon have appeared in Pokémon GO through new themed events, such as the Season of Legends and the debut of Legendary Pokémon and some special ones.

Now, thanks to a group of dataminers dedicated to mobile gaming known as PokeMiners, we knowthe first leaks of what appears to be one of the biggest content updates to the title since the Beyond update in late 2020.

Gen VI Pokémon to arrive on huge update

Among the discoveries, many assets referring to Pokémon from the Kalos region were found within the internal files of the game, some of which had already been seen in a loading screen leaked a few weeks ago.

pokémon go new evolutions
(Picture: PokeMiners)

Highlighted among these leaks are the first details of the arrival of Xerneas, Yveltal and Zygarde, the well-known Legendary trio from the Kalos region and who were the protagonists of the covers and the story of the Nintendo 3DS games, Pokémon X and Y.

In addition to these, different Pokémon known as Pangoro, Aegislash, Malamar, Goodra, Dedenne, and the latest Fairy-like evolution of Eevee, Sylveon, will also be coming to the game. All of these will have the possibility of appearing in their Shiny versions in some future events.

Pokémon from the Alola region will also make their debut

Moving on to newer species of Pokémon discovered, a few more from the seventh generation games, Pokémon Sun and Moon, will also make their appearance soon, highlighting among these the arrival of the legendary Solgaleo, Lunala and Necrozma, flagship Pokémon of these games.

pokémon solgaleo go
(Picture: PokeMiners)

In addition to these, the dark Pokémon known as Marshadow will also make its debut, along with a stellar appearance from the cute Rowlet and some more direct from the Pokédex of this region.

25 new Mega Evolutions had been discovered

The largest batch of content will come from the Mega Raids side, as many popular Pokémon such as Mewtwo, Rayquaza, and Lucario, in addition to Hoenn's trio of initials, will have their Mega Evolutions available in-game for the first time.

mega evolutions pokémong o

These will be joined by powerful and iconic Pokémon from different generations, such as Kangaskhan, Gardevoir and Alakazam, and the favorites of many, the mythical Latias and Latios, among many others, reaching a total of 25 new Mega Evolutions.

So far, there are only a total of 12 Mega Evolutions available in the game, which is why this announcement has come as a surprise but very well received by everyone. It could even hint at a new themed season once the Season of Legends comes to an end.

New map and PokéStops features

Finally, among everything revealed, a new functionality has also been discovered through the PokéStops, which will allow players to activate in different Power Ups that will increase the chances of finding better items for everyone nearby them.

Likewise, new assets have been found internally, showing a visual update in various aspects of the map and in-game exploration, as well as a new type of PokéStop module and the new game icon.

pokémon go new update
(Picture: PokeMiners)

These updates are expected to hit the game within the next few weeks and months. Some of these may take longer as they are still in development, however it is expected Niantic will post details about this on their blog sooner than later.