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How to get Salandit and Salazzle in Pokémon GO

Salandit and Salazzle make their Pokémon GO debut in the latest Team GO Rocket event. Here's how you can get them.
How to get Salandit and Salazzle in Pokémon GO

As the latest season of content in Pokémon GO continues, the Season of Alola brings Salandit and Salazzle to the game for the first time. Like other events where a single Pokémon is released though, you won't be able to find the Alolan reptile in the wild.

Instead, the new additions are tied to the latest Team GO Rocket event which brings Giovanni back into the picture. Salandit and Salazzle aren't tied directly to Team GO Rocket themselves, but you may need to fight against some Team Leaders multiple times.

Get Salandit and Salazzle in Pokémon GO

Salandit in particular is tied to the 12km eggs within Pokémon GO. Unlike the other eggs in the game, the 12km versions are specifically tied to defeating Team GO Rocket leaders and they even have their own designated space in the egg storage tab. 

pokemon go salandit
Hatch a Salandit from one of the 12km eggs. (Picture: The Pokémon Company))

Three of the red 12km eggs can be held at a time, and they have a chance to hatch a handful of Pokémon. With this new event, that handful includes Salandit, and whether the reptile appears will be random. With that in mind, it's a good idea to fight as many grunts and leaders as possible while the event is running in April.

When you finally hatch a Salandit, the next step is getting a hold of Salazzle. The evolution will cost 50 candy and there are only two ways to get that amount. Enough eggs need to be hatched that contain the reptile, or some Rare Candy can be used. Hatching can take a long time, but it provides a massive chunk of candy.

What makes the process even longer is that Salazzle can only ever be female. This means that Salandit can by no means be a male, and if that's the case, then you'll need to hatch a new egg and hope for something better.

Other Pokémon in the All-Hands Rocket Retreat event

pokemon go rocket retreat
Catch some new Shadow Pokémon in the Rocket Retreat. (Picture: The Pokémon Company)

While Salazzle and Salandit in Pokemon Go may be the only debuts in the All-Hands Rocket Retreat event, there are certainly some worthy catches popping up.

With the return of Giovanni, Shadow Latias can be caught by defeating The Boss. As long as the event research is completed, the battle can take place. Considering you'll need to defeat Team GO Rocket leaders to reach Giovanni, it's certainly a worthwhile task while searching for a new Salandit within Pokémon GO.


Featured image courtesy of The Pokémon Company