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When does Shaymin arrive in Pokémon GO?

The next Mythical to join the Pokémon GO roster is the Gratitude Pokémon, here's when Shaymin is coming to Pokémon GO.
When does Shaymin arrive in Pokémon GO?

Pokémon GO is always full of new events that drip new Pokémon into the game, but the Mythicals are always scarce, and the next one to be released is Shaymin. While the Gratitude Pokémon has already been confirmed to fans, that doesn't mean it's available just yet.

For something like a Mythical or Legendary debut, there is typically some major build-up in Pokémon GO. Shaymin will have the biggest spotlight of the year as one of the mascots for GO Fest 2022. This year, GO Fest will have a slightly different date than usual, and that will also be the only window to get this Mythical for some time.

Pokémon GO - When will Shaymin debut?

pokemon go fest shaymin
GO Fest 2022 goes live in early June. (Picture: Niantic)

Shaymin is tied to GO Fest in 2022, and that means the debut will occur on the same date. In the past, GO Fest has gone live in early July, but Niantic seems to have pushed it to June instead for 2022.

This year's first date for GO Fest 2022 is the 4th of June. The latest GO Fest events have been two-day ordeals with differing themes. During these two days, nearly anyone can participate, but ticket holders will have access to a special research story.

Much of this research can be done on day one, with some backup on day two. On the 4th of June, everyone will be able to customize their own research difficulty for Relaxed, Standard, and Master. Regardless of the difficulty of the quests, completion will lead to an encounter with Shaymin.

Like past tickets and research quests, you'll still be able to complete the research even after the June GO Fest dates. Any special research such as this doesn't have an expiration date, so it can be done at your leisure. Of course, Shaymin has more than one forme, and the second forme was also mentioned with the debut of the Mythical.

When will the Sky Forme of Shaymin be available?

pokemon go sky forme shaymin
Sky Forme will debut after the initial Land Forme. (Picture: Niantic)

So far, there is no official release date for Sky Forme Shaymin. Land Forme debuting in June at least means the second form will appear eventually. This could very well be in the follow-up GO Fest research that was announced for August later in 2022.

Sky Forme Shaymin was recently confirmed as an appearance in a Pokémon GO event based in Berlin. Select locations around the world will have their own exclusive research that leads to encounters with the other Mythical Forme.


More information is sure to be released by Niantic as the event draws closer. Make sure to check out our Pokémon section for guides, title updates, and more!

Featured image courtesy of The Pokémon Company / Niantic.