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Pokémon GO Type Effectiveness - What are Supercharged Attacks?

Understanding Type Effectiveness is key to landing Supercharged or Super Effective Charged Attacks and winning battles in Pokémon GO.
Pokémon GO Type Effectiveness - What are Supercharged Attacks?

Pokémon GO has several important mechanics that add various layers of complexity to the game. One of the more critical basic mechanics is Type Effectiveness, which influences how Pokémon deal and are affected by certain types of damage.

Of course, mastering the art of the different Pokémon types and their attack type interactions is crucial to winning battles and becoming a skilled Trainer. Accordingly, this guide will explain everything you need to know about Type Effectiveness, including what are and how to land Supercharged Attacks (or Super Effective Charged Attacks) in Pokémon GO.

What are Supercharged Attacks in Pokémon GO?

Supercharged Attacks refer to attacks that deal significant damage to a particular Pokémon. An alternative name for this attack is Super Effective Charged Attacks in Pokémon GO. To better understand these attacks, it's important first to become acquainted with Type Effectiveness.

what are supercharged attacks pokemon go
Supercharged Attacks refer to attacks that deal significant damage to opposing Pokémon. (Picture: Niantic)

All Pokémon belong to one or more specific types. For example, Pikachu is an Electric-type Pokémon while Bulbasaur is a Grass- and Poison-type Pokémon. Accordingly, each is affected differently by specific attacks, and the effectiveness of these attacks depends on the type of Pokémon you are battling.

For example, Grass-type Pokémon are weak (i.e., not very effective) in defending against Flying-, Poison-, Bug-, Fire- and Ice-type attacks but are strong in defending against Ground-, Water-, Grass-, and Electric-type attacks.

Similarly, Grass-type attacks are strong (i.e., super effective) against Water-, Rock-, and Ground-type Pokémon and weak against Bug-, Fire-, Flying-, Grass-, Poison-, Dragon-, and Steel-type Pokémon.

how to land supercharged super effective charged attack pokemon go
To land a Supercharged Attack, you must first understand the Pokémon and attack type interaction effects. (Picture: Niantic)

As you can see, these interactions are different from an attacking and defending perspective and will also vary for Pokémon belonging to multiple types (i.e., Dual-type Pokémon). In addition, some Pokémon are also immune to specific attacks, taking significantly less damage than even the most ineffective attacks.

The chart below indicates the various Strengths, Weaknesses, and Immunity by Type and illustrates the complexity of this gameplay mechanic.

Pokémon type effectiveness chart strength weaknesses immunity supercharged attacks
Type Effectiveness (Strengths, Weaknesses, and Immunity) in Pokémon GO. (Picture: Niantic)

Type Chart Legend:

  • Y-axis = Attacking
  • X-axis = Defending
  • Green circle = Super effective
  • Red triangle = Not very effective
  • White space = Normal effectiveness
  • Black X = Immune

Ultimately, knowing the type of Pokémon you are up against and their respective strengths and weaknesses will aid you in landing Supercharged Attacks, potentially winning you the battle. 

And that's all. For more awesome content, check out our section dedicated to Pokémon GO news, guides, updates, and more!


Featured image courtesy of Niantic.