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Ultra Beasts teased in the Pokémon GO Season of GO trailer

A recent trailer caught the eye of many after Ultra Beasts were been teased for the Pokémon GO Season of GO.
Ultra Beasts teased in the Pokémon GO Season of GO trailer

With the Season of GO on the horizon, there has been a ton of new information for Pokémon GO, and one of the most exciting reveals was the debut of Ultra Beasts. Not only has a beast been teased on Pokémon GO Twitter, but one also made an appearance in the latest trailer.

The new trailer was titled and released to promote the new GO Fest 2022 event, but it's also a promotion of the upcoming season to an extent. GO Fest 2022 is slated as the kick-off event for the summer season, which officially begins on the 1st of June.

Pokémon GO - Ultra Beast teased in the GO Fest trailer

Nihilego Pokemon GO
Nihilego was confirmed by Niantic. (Picture: Niantic)

In the trailer for Pokémon GO Fest 2022, the Ultra Beast appeared at the very end in a very quick tease. The trailer is only 47 seconds overall and is only meant as a quick commercial or promotion for the biggest event of the year.

Not only is there a portal shown in the thumbnail for the Season of GO, but one appears at the end of the GO Fest trailer as well. What comes out of the portal is clearly the Ultra Beast known as Nihilego. The Rock and Poison-type beast was introduced in Generation VII and resembles a jellyfish.

The entrance of Nihilego ends quickly within a couple of seconds. But if there was any doubt as to the legitimacy of the Ultra Beast debut, there was a full-blown post on the Pokémon GO Twitter. One small clip showed the Ultra Beast in full along with a potential outfit to match the debut.

So far, there have been no release dates for the debut of beasts in Pokémon GO. Because Nihilego was shown in the GO Fest trailer, it could mean an appearance as a Special Research reward tied to the event. However, there is no confirmation until after GO Fest.

When does Pokémon GO Fest 2022 go live?

Pokemon GO Season of GO
The Season of GO will be the debut of another dimension. (Picture: Niantic)

The Season of GO will follow directly after the Season of Alola, and it begins on the 1st of June. This brings in the new GO Battle League rankings, but there won't be anything significant for a few days after the season begins.

On the 4th of June, GO Fest 2022 will go live, and it brings some of the biggest features every year. Not only will a ton of rare Pokémon appear, but Shaymin will also debut as a potential Special Research completion reward on that weekend. While the main event will go on for two days, the research tied to the event weeks later could be what brings the Ultra Beasts.

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Featured image courtesy of Niantic.