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Pokémon Pink may have been a cancelled companion to Pokémon Yellow

Dataminers have uncovered information indicating Nintendo had planned to release a Pokémon Pink, which was set to launch alongside Pokémon Yellow.
Pokémon Pink may have been a cancelled companion to Pokémon Yellow

It’s rumoured Clefairy or Jigglypuff could have been the cover stars on a scrapped Pokémon title called Pokémon Pink, according to new datamine information. 

The source code for Pokémon Yellow was recently leaked via 4chan, which was analysed by renowned Pokémon historian Dr. Lava who found mentions of an unreleased Pokémon Pink. 

In a post on Twitter, Dr Lava called the info “almost certainly legit” - with a screenshot of what’s believed to be the original source code on ResetEra showing references to a “pink package”. 

The code also indicates there were test audio files of anime voices which weren’t used in the final version of Pokémon Yellow. 

It’s believed this source code has emerged from the same person or group who breached Nintendo’s servers back in 2018, which also discovered Pokémon leaks like a beta version of Pokémon Gold and Silver which had new monsters.

While it’s merely speculation Clefairy or Jigglypuff would have appeared on the cover of Pokémon Pink, it’s a reasonable assumption to make.

Clefairy was originally going to be the main mascot of the show before Pikachu became Ash’s starter Pokémon, while Jigglypuff played a big role in the anime and has become enormously popular in other games like Super Smash Bros

It’s unclear however why Pokémon Pink would have been cancelled, with Pokémon Yellow setting the standard for a standalone follow-up sequel to dual Pokémon titles like Red and Blue.

Our next dose of new Pokémon will be in the upcoming Sword and Shield expansions, with the first set to be released in June.