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Pokémon TCG Pocket Rules Out Involvement Of NFTs According To Devs

The Pokémon Company responded to players' growing concerns about NFTs being potentially included in the forthcoming trading card game.
Pokémon TCG Pocket Rules Out Involvement Of NFTs According To Devs
(Picture: The Pokémon Company / YouTube)

The Pokémon Company announced their latest project, Pokémon Trading Card Game (TCG) Pocket, during the Pokémon Day livestream on 27th February 2024. The upcoming virtual card collecting game has garnered much attention from fans globally; however, a few issues have arisen that may hinder the game's success.

With the game being primarily centered on collecting Pokémon cards digitally, one area of concern addressed by the fans is the potential of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) being featured. However, the game's developers had a quick response regarding whether NFTs will feature and if it could sold in-game.

Naturally, the issue of NFTs being featured or sold in Pokémon TCG Pocket, some fans called the new game a "scam," but the devs swiftly cleared this up. In response to concerns over whether NFTs will feature in Pokémon TCG Pocket, a Pokémon Company representative issued a statement to Polygon that no themed NFTs have been "developed or approved."

pokemon trading card game tcg pocket nfts representative stamement gameplay features marvel snap
A representative for The Pokémon Company recently provided a statement regarding the potential feature of NFTs in the upcoming card game. (Picture: The Pokémon Company / YouTube)

The Pokémon Company International has not developed or approved of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) related to the Pokémon brand and associated intellectual property. Fans should be aware that any NFTs in the marketplace featuring Pokémon intellectual property are unofficial and in no way affiliated with The Pokémon Company International or the Pokémon brand.

Given how multiple studios and publishers have attempted to introduce NFTs into their ecosystem and video games over the last few years, this venture has been widely shunned by players, according to CNET. Coupled with the inevitable crash of the cryptocurrency market within the same timeframe, The Pokémon Company's stance against its inclusion would've caused more challenges for the development team and thus tarnished the brand in the process.

However, it was reported last year that the company sought to employ people with knowledge and expertise in this area, but that appears to have been unproductive in light of their response. Nevertheless, it has been drawing comparisons with another popular card game, Second Dinner's Marvel Snap, based on the game's inclusion of a quick battle system boasting "streamlined rules" on the "classic Pokémon TCG battle system," something that bares similarities with the current gameplay features in the Marvel-themed game.